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AGS Prime West Side Seats Will Be Occupied by Horns, Bears, etc.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froglaw, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. I never understood why anyone would sell their good TCU West Side Tickets to Horns, Bears, etc.

    Now I know why.

    I've had two 50 and two 40 yard line west sides seats for sale on the Ticket Forum since February 2019.

    I'm asking face value for all 6 home games and I had no inquiries. Not one.

    TCU season tickets on the 40 and on the 50 for face value. That's it. I'm done.

    At lunch today one of my ticket family Heads of Household picked up his 4 seats on the 40 in the armchairs. He sat and stared at me when I told him that he'd be sitting next to whoever bought the last two in his row on Stubhub. Probably a Longhorn, Bear, Mountaineer wearing a Davey Crockett hat, etc. He's got a son that is a Sophomore at TCU and a daughter starting next year so he needs his 4, but can't really afford the other two season tickets.

    Why you may ask?

    Nobody wants TCU West Side Season Tickets. I guess the shade on the new East Side is just too appealing.

    So, Monday, all my good tickets go on Stubhub. I'll make money on the deal, but that is not why I bought my TCU tickets prior to the renovation and definitely not what I wanted.

    Nobody on this forum, except for Wes, DD, Steel, and myself (Brewingfrog and Zebra Frog are on the bubble - I kid), are allowed to complain about the moron dressed in the Burnt Orange Cowboy outfit sitting on the 50 waiving his Burnt Orange Hat while screaming the Eyes of Texas.

    Everybody loses their right to complain. Everybody!

    That is all!

    Serenity now!!!!!!!!
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  2. I’ve never owned a set of season tickets I didn’t need.
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  3. Why did you buy tickets you do not want? Seems you could have saved yourself some trouble.
  4. Perhaps you should have waited longer
  5. Awesome post, thanks so much for the input that no one asked for!
  6. If you really cared you would sell them at less than face or even for free. Plenty of people on various sites selling tickets for under face or giving them away when they can't attend.
  7. Fair questions.

    Both questions assume a fact (I purchased tickets I did not need) that has not been established by the evidence. Objection, your Honor. SUSTAINED.

    There were two other TCU grads who ASKED me to use my priority points to get them good seats after the renovation. We formed a ticket partnership for those seats.

    One man is now 85 and cannot make the games anymore (he can't drive to FW from Dallas).

    The other is in his late seventies, a retired DOC preacher, and he has other monetary needs. The tickets no longer fit in his budget.

    So their tickets are for sale.
  8. If the old man pays for the ticket, I will use it.
  9. So you knew before you renewed these seats for the upcoming season that you were not going to use them, but wanted the priority points. Got it.
  10. Just drop the tickets ***hole
  11. If you are willing to sell them and also get on a call with the ticket office so we can get them transferred to my account moving forward, I will buy them from you right now and ensure 10000% a frog is sitting in them every game.
  12. I'm going to have an extra or two for a few games this season because my sons won't make every game. If you don't buy my extras you can't complain about opposing fans in my seats b/c it will clearly be your fault if they end up there.

    Trying to sell season tickets to a group of die hard fans on a message board seems a lot like trying to sell Girl Scout cookies to the parent of a Girl Scout. Perhaps you'd have better luck in a market place comprised of people who don't already have all the season tix they need.
  13. I know this is a very complex idea that likely would escape the thought process of most mortals, but in my infinite wisdom I have crafted a masterful solution to the problem that you currently have.

  14. He's called FrogLaw not SapientFrog. Cut him some slack on the real world pragmatism.
  15. Speaking of tickets, I am travelling the weekend of the SMU game. I have 5 tickets in the SEZ (3 of which have access to the Touchdown Club) and a parking pass for Lot 14. PM me if you are interested.
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  16. Since you're offering them here it won't be your fault if you ultimately sell them to SMU fans. Smart idea Mr. Sugar.
  17. In before Maniac
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  18. Don't think Maniac will make it long enough to post in this thread. He'll have an aneurysm before he finishes the OP.
  19. The countdown continues‼️ Next season we are abolishing the ticket office so you can only buy tickets from other fans! Don’t worry, they’re at face value. #GoFrogs #CountdownToKickoff
  20. I'm reporting you to ADJD and the Color Analyst!!

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