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  1. Thought I remembered Donati coming to TCU because of prior relationship with CDC, wasn’t CDC his godfather or some such?
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    So how many years are you willing to give Patterson to figure thigs out? This seems to be year two of the process because last year was substandard.

    You have to admit Patterson is on the backside of his coaching career.

    It's been a great run at TCU but how long does he get to fix things? Because the longer you give him to figure to it out the further in the hole things go and the more the next staff has to do to dig things out.

    I hope he turns things around but right now I'm not seeing any improvement. While Duggan shows flashes of great ability the defense seems to be regressing.

    Patterson has got to either get the defense back to a level where it makes plays cconsistently or he is going to have to take the shackles off the offense and let Cumbie unleash a full Air Raid attack and just hope to outscore opponents.
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  3. I remember 2004 when KFC head hunters were everywhere. SCREAMING for GP head, it was a tough season but it also came down to the last minute of the last game to finally end a bowl chance. I dont remember many coming back on here in 2005 to give much credit to a staff and players that were able to get things turned around after an SMU loss that was hard to explain. My wife and I were in the stands at BYU when they scraped Tye Gunn off the ground for the last time in his injury riddled career. We were down 18 and Jeff Ballard who sometimes had trouble hitting the ground with a pass came in and finished a year that was SO close to making history at this school.

    I dont recall alot of bitching in 2014/15. There are problems today, some are the same issues that have been around for awhile and some are relatively new type for GP. At the end of the day all I can say is be careful what you wish for. The history b4 GP at TCU is not good. Regardless of what you think about this school, it will almost always be a “stop” in someones career unless you hired someone like LT as a coach. CDC showed how fast someone can leave, Danny Morrison, I liked, Hymen not so much, but they all left.

    GP is in a tough spot, he does not like this anymore than the fans. He is loyal to his assistants, he has some tough decisions. His 20 years of loyalty to YOU, gives him the right to do some things he has never really had to do. All TCU fans wanted the Big12, the spotlight is brighter than MWC or CUSA. The OC issues have happened b4 and were dealt with. I am with LCF on this deal. Trust me, watching Les Miles totally and inexplicably screw the best team in LSU history against Alabama for a NC was tougher to do because Les Miles did the samething game after game after that season. I knew he was done in New Orleans. I dont feel that way for GP.

    Be very careful, does not matter who the coach is, under the current TV deals, there are alot of 1100/1430 games in Sept. It took awhile to get to this point and I expect another “fight” with conf alignment/pay for players coming that creates issues not seen in awhile. GP is not stupid, he deserves our support, big names and big bucks dont ensure success. Look at A&M for proof, in addition, a resume that includes a NC with Saban does not ensure success, Jim Mc and Pruitt have found that out. Dont jump,.......yet.

  4. Yes
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  5. Possibly it was worded wrong but it is not a stupid question. The only person on staff that would dare have a discussion with Gary about Gary was Chris. Then it would be a light question carefully worded.

    For more than three-quarters of Gary's tenure there wasn't a need to question Gary about the program. But everybody knew one day that conversation had to come, either that, or Gary would allow his stubborn ego to realize his time has come to step aside.

    Patterson has become an extraordinary individual in TCU history. How do put a price on all that he and his program has given to TCU? Look around you as you drive by new buildings, observe some of the finest facilities in sports in America as well places of higher learning. His program has created such excitement that corporations, alumni, fans and so forth, have given millions and millions of dollars benefitting TCU. So your going to say, but he didn't raise all of that money. Yes, but he was A catalyst for donation money to be raised. People naturally want to be part of a winner and brag about there school.

    To my knowledge there are 10 to 12 people (not necessarily TCU staff), who could call Gary and have a discussion about the 'immediate' future of the program). These are regular mega donors who supported Gary early in his career. So yes, it was a good question. As I said before, there is a rather LARGE investment sitting on Stadium Drive and on other streets that won't allow TCU to fall behind. No person is that important to override that thought. I'll bet it works itself out smoothly. I hope so b/c there is so much emotion and your brain does not function well with emotion. Not fully anyway.
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    JD is fine and we are lucky to have him. CDC got here 2 months prior to the Fiesta Bowl and 1 year before the Rose, yet he gets credit like he built it. The offense is coming along. The 2 losses are due to the poor defense, which is a surprise to everyone. GP will fix it. Have you ingrates learned nothing in 20 years? FYI, both CDC and VB inherited GMFP and both have ridden his long coattails to their success. Would CDC be at Texas without GP? Would VB have been able to raise all that money without the success of GP? (no and no). Would VB be a top 5 paid U president without GP? (also no).
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  7. It was a combo of “who you know” and the great qualifications and background of JD. We are lucky to have him.
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  8. Obviously more and more teams are running a 4-2-5 than they were 5-10 years ago, but it’s also known that GP’s system is seemingly difficult to learn, and more difficult to execute.

    With the transfer portal causing so much movement and short-term players, I wonder how much impact the portal will have on GP’s defense moving forward.

    Does he only bring in guys transferring out of a 4-2-5 to speed up the learning curve, or will he be limited to guys he’s “growing up?”
  9. I hope he would be smart enough to wait for season’s end before doing anything, i.e., smarter than most of you.
  10. Make no mistake....Gary is firmly ensconced in the 'catbird seat'. Any changes in staff personnel will only be initiated

    by him. The dilemma being does his friendship with staff supersede their ability to perform at the standard required?

    Are there superior replacements readily available???
  11. Does the towel girl know anything about football? If not, let her be the OC next game.
  12. ”mountain size bulging t-shirt and quite the opposite tidy-whities“

    Haha! That’s funny
  13. This is a great post. I really appreciate your moderating perspective. I know I'm not the only one that needs help keeping my head on straight in times like this.
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  14. Gary has more juice then anyone at TCU, he is TCU, he has earned that. I think he needs to evolve a little. Two weeks ago I was sure everything was Cumbies fault. After watching this defense this last game and some of the SMU game I think it is more of a 50/50 split. Where Coach P is DEAD wrong is not letting this offense play with tempo. We need to open that way and play that way the entire game. He tries to protect his defense to much. Let Cumbie run his offense the way he knows how to make it effective. I also think Coach P intimidates his coaches, it is obvious. Hire the right people and let them do what you hired them to do. I think we don’t really know if Cumbie is bad or not because we don’t let him run his system because Patterson is always breathing down his neck. I know I can’t work like that.
  15. One more thought too... TCU has played and beaten Clemson at Clemson and we were beating Georgia at halftime at the Liberty Bowl before we fumbled our way to losing that game... What is keeping TCU with all the resources we have, Texas and Louisiana kids to recruit, and the school that is TCU from getting to that elite level?

    Seriously, why do we as a fanbase have to accept we will have one good season then 2 to 3 bad seasons when schools like Clemson and Georgia just keep hammering teams and don't have 4-8 seasons or sweating to find a way to get to 6 wins and bowl eligible.

    What have they done that we haven't done? Clemson has the same coach that Coach P beat and Georgia hired one of their former players.

    In my mind TCU, with Coach P, should be fighting OU most years for the Big XII crown, not Texas, but TCU.
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  16. He’s CDC’s Godson..... that’s how he was even considered for the position let alone hired. He’s actually doing a better job than I expected. CDC was good at raising money..... let’s see that JD’s strengths are??? But don’t kid yourself it’s GP’s decision in the end.
  17. Tacky
  18. On Saturdays we wake up donors. On Sunday we wake up arm chair quarterbacks.
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  19. And come spring we will be third base coaches

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