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AD’s/Admin from TCU, Baylor, Tech, Texas and Bowlsby testifying in front of Senate

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by NYC Horned Frog, Aug 2, 2021.

  1. AD’s from TCU, Baylor, and Tech plus presidents from the three and the president of Texas testifying in front of Senate at 1 PM. Plus Bob Bowlsby. I know it's last minute.

    If you want to tune in...

  2. Testifying might not be right word, I don't know how these things work haha!
  3. Thank you.
  4. Gosh University of Houston lovefest.
  5. with the honorable john whitmire included what did you expect?
  6. A&M and ESPN declined to come, Whitemire coming in hot with Houston being left out years ago! Haha!
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  8. Nevermind, Texas declined to come too. Surprise, surprise.
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  9. CDC declined invitation to speak. Big surprise!!
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  10. if you just got divorced from someone would you agree to go to counseling with them?
  11. This woman who is the Chairperson likes to hear herself talk. Good Lord!
  12. Larry Taylor had some good observations: "UT is a State institution, isn't it? Interesting that they declined to come here and talk with us, isn't it?"
  13. This guy is pushing for SMU and Houston pretty hard.
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  14. LOIS is shredding this SMU Economist's statement about Houston and DFW not having a power conference school. Uh TCU is in DFW!! Geez! This guy is obviously not prepared. He has no clue how college athletics work.
  15. I figured this would be a waste of time.
  16. Representative Burrows from Lubbock is hammering this guy about things this SMU Economist knows nothing about. Barriers to entry for schools who are not AAU member schools, etc.
  17. Bob Bowlsby up now. He has a very short haircut. He doesn't look well.
  18. What are we doing here? Looking for some state representative to piss on our leg? We should be on the road looking for a new home....I'll bet WVU is.
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  19. there is more value staying together right now and until nd decides to make a move everyone else is waiting for the next card to be played
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