Actually looking forward to seeing what Robinson can do starting.

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  1. Hope the team is fired up to play in Lubbock saturday.
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  2. Wait... is this official him starting? Must have missed this if true, I’ve seen where Hill is on the injury list but nothing definitive towards Saturday
  3. Gary playing mind games?
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  4. Not sure if official, but at least a decent chance. He is the future so would be nice to see what the team has. I saw him in high school playoffs last year and even banged up he ran great and has a rocket for an arm.
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  5. Of course it's not official. We're talking about Gary Patterson here.
  6. Yeah there’s that
  7. I really would not want a true freshmen with limited college playing experience starting in a big game.
  8. I think SR can handle the pressure and perform well. I expect some Freshman mistakes, but some great QB play too.
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  9. I hear ya, but Georgia has been starting a true freshman all year. It's not ideal but it's not all that unusual either, especially when injuries become a factor.
  10. That's why we're starting him versus Tech!

    Hahaha a joke, I keed I keed. He may not even start...

    Seriously though, I think 2018 and especially 2019 are our highest potential for a NC years so if a couple games started and/or struggled through this year can make the difference in experience and whatnot, that can save a game or two in those seasons, I would consider it time well spent.
  11. Couple other threads this observation could have been made in but that’s just me.
  12. He is playing against THE Ohio State next year.

    Gotta start somewhere.
  13. So has Texas - and UGA did it last year too.
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  14. SR is the future and someone people should be very excited about. That being said, starting true freshman QB for first time on the road in a very difficult environment against a desperate team looking for win #6 is hardly a recipe for success. I'd curb the expectations for Saturday.
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  15. I think he will play great if he gets the start. He has talent and plenty of talent around him.
  16. Im looking forward to it as well. I would rather see a freshman make freshman mistakes instead of a 5th year senior.
  17. I don't see him starting unless KH just cannot go because of injuries.

    One thing for fans to want to see the new guy. But a coach doesn't do a senior QB that way when he's played his guts out for you and done what you asked him to do.
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  18. I'm going to beat the dead horse but Hill hasn't been making mistakes, he just hasn't been making any big plays. I think you will see those things flipped with SR.
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  19. 180 on how that has gone for those two offenses.
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  20. Right but there are many variables that come into play regarding that. It’s not a black and white issue that some claim - meaning UT offense sucks because they have a freshman QB. I don’t follow UT close enough to identify all the issues, but the QB is obviously a good player and can sling it. My point being that freshmen can come and play off the jump and perform well. Or at least better than the other options.
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