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A Whiskey Toast to Wes this Sunday

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Ryann Zeller, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. Please join us and help get the word out.
  2. FYI I'm bringing a case of Wes' favorite glasses and everyone who wants to support the Wes Phelan Scholarship gets one.

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  4. That needs to be a very large case because many of us will want one. See you there.
  5. Wes and I had to order a ton for our first and only KillerFrogs whisky night back in 2014, so we'll have plenty
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  6. I forgot to put in the invitation to wear your favorite ball cap . Wes loved his hats!!!

    Let’s plan on having an annual Whisky Toast for Wes’ scholarship.
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  7. Wish I could join! If you ever decide to sell any of those glasses, I’d love to buy a few!

    I’ll raise a toast to Wes from the west coast. Cheers!
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  8. Second this. There will be a few of us raising a glass from afar.
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  9. steel loves New Mexico!
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  10. Ryann, if it is possible, could you put up a link for folks to donate to the Scholarship in Wes' honor?
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  11. Ditto from AZ. Wish I could be there.
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  12. We can all be!

    Let the COUNTDOWN CLOCK begin!

    Ready your fine Whiskey, Bourbon, Rhum, Gin, Schnapps (yuck!), Ouzo (extra yuck!!) and be prepared to hoist it up at 3:00pm Central Standard Time on 8 December, 2019.
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  13. Never been. I'm in Minnesota!
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  14. I'll toast from Northern Virginia. Wearing my Micah hat, which seems appropriate.
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  15. Awesome...Will have do it long distance but it will be done.
  16. I'll be there in spirit. Physically I'll be on the road somewhere in Louisiana probably, on my way home.
  17. 'Houston Remembrance' ~ Grey Goose vodka martini, straight up, with olives, but not dirty.

    Save me a place, Wes
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  18. I hardly ever post anymore, but I knew Wes since my freshman year at Ole Miss on the old board. He’ll be missed.

    I’ll raise a glass of Baker’s in honor of a life well and fully lived Sun, 4:00 EST.
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  19. Will be there with the Mrs.
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  20. Please make it annual. I’m out of town this week but there in spirit
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