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247Sports is All Aboard on the Recruit Rigging

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hell Sent Frog, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. Oh that guy. He seems fun.
  2. I would comment, Hell Sent, but I have a life.
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  3. I'm mostly just poking fun. I'll take any opportunity to sideswipe golf and soccer as brutal to watch (I also think the Olympics are HIGHLY overrated but I'll save that until later). You clearly have a very different set of friends than I do though. I know a couple people who openly watch golf regularly but that's pretty much it. I had a bunch of people over at the house yesterday and not a single mention of golf from anyone. We were just streaming The Office on Netflix on the living room TV.

    This is a pretty dead time in sports though between the end of the NBA Finals and the beginning of football so it's perfect timing by golf to have a major event.
  4. It's certainly popular around the world but so is criquet and I (and a whole lot of other people) find both of those things about as entertaining as the PBS show that teaches you how to paint.
  5. I hope it is a conspiracy. I hope Arkie never wins another game.
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  7. Speaking of infowars(on that guys shirt), apparently that dude who runs that show just got arrested for child pornography. He got sued over something completely unrelated, and was required to turn over a bunch of files from his computer to prosecution. It was a massive amount of data and buried deep in those files were child porn.

    He’s obviously claiming innocence, that he was framed. He went on the air and offered a million dollars to anyone who could help him prove the files were planted. He’s also blasting the prosecution on air so he’s most likely going to get into some trouble there.

    Never seen or heard a second of that show, but am aware of it bc my BIL listens all the time and tries to convince me of some weird ship. Saw the article on this topic in apple news last night.
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  8. I can't stand that guy. Total lunatic.

    But, my understanding of the motion is that the child porn was *not* located on the servers used by infowars. It was apparently sent TO him.

    So, it could be a situation where disgusting people are filing his spam folder with child porn. He may just be ignorant and negligent as to what is sent to his email. The motion doesn't claim that the child porn is his. We'll see what happens, but I think there's a distinction here that is warranted. I assume the FBI will finish its inquiry and we'll know more soon enough.

  9. Maybe the article I read had not received the updated info, but only had the arrest and minimal details. Just did a search on the topic and you’re correct, it is a completely different article. Definitely looks like they were sent to him no one at infowars opened or looked at them.
  10. The Feds have already cleared him stating he was a victim. The child porn was embedded in emails sent to him trying to frame him. I guess it sort of worked since you think he’s a pedo now.
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  11. I don’t know if the guy is, or isn’t? Neither do you.

    I simply discussed an article, that lacked up to date information.

    I don’t imagine he would be offering a million dollars if he didn’t think he was fooked either, pedo or not.
  12. Alex Jones likes tranny porn (he shared an image a year or two ago with a visible tab of porn open and that’s what it was), not CP

    Also let’s just be clear that he was being sued for defamation for hosting guests who deny that the Sandy Hook shooting took place and for trying to force authorities to “prove” it by providing autopsy and crime scene photos and receipts for cleanup of blood and body matter.

    I don’t care if you’re a conspiracy nut, conservative, liberal, or whatever - that’s just disgusting.
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    The kid is maybe worth a scholarship to those schools, every team needs four, maybe five, QBs.
    Clemson already has the #1 QB in the country committed to them.

    The recruit rigging is that the pay site, whose payed members like to bully others on this forum, has the 5' 10", 172 lbs. Highland Park QB as the #11 duel threat QB prospect in the country.
    The pay site actually has him ranked well ahead of TCU's 2020 duel-threat QB commit who is considered by most as the #1 quarterback prospect out of the state of Oklahoma.
  14. Both of those rankings can be true.
  15. If you have offers from those schools, there is little doubt that you are legitimately a top recruiting prospect. Your argument that he’s not based on rigging the rankings is strange.
  16. Paid*
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  17. All the other coaches knew the kid was going to commit to Arkansas, his father is the head coach there.
    His dad went to A$M and I'm glad Gary Patterson didn't play along with the Aggie.
  18. Aaron Burr was a duel threat.
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  19. Pitcher AND catcher?

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