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247 Sports: One-on-one with TCU QB commit Ty Hawkins at the Elite 11 Finals

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TBT having back-to-back 4-star QBs is going to be hard for any program as you need to spend cash and have available playing time. Ideally, you would get one every other year.

I maybe wrong, but I think Tech is the only school in the conference with back-to-back 4 star QB recruits. Certainly this is the outlier.


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News was thats all we offered dominic Williams. Ou offered 400k
I was told by my NIL agent friend that Williams had received a million dollar offer. I don't know if that was OU or someone else, but said top linemen are $500k minimum per year and a million/yr is common.
$50k is crap and a sign that something needs to change.


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Posted this before. But an insider (former player and NIL contributor) told me that Dam was not a great fit for Avalos’ system. His front 4 are supposed to be more athletic. So that may explain $50k if true.
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Paying the Latest Wonder Kid a ridiculous six-seven figure sum when he hasn't played a down of College Ball is ridiculous. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if the kid cashes the SMU check, goes somewhere else to fleece more suckers, and then flames out. Why not?

It's not like Entitlement Syndrome was already bad with recruits in these sad times. NIL has made this orders of magnitude worse, and it won't improve anytime soon. Betting on the loyalty of a kid who can up and leave anytime he wants for a higher bidder is a fool's game.

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At the fca dinner one coach said as much. He said it's hard when schools offer 4 times as much

I've had this feeling that our collective/s haven't been raising too much.

Oh well, as I learned when I gave up on the demented sickness that is Hollyweird and quit watching and supporting their tripe, there are other things to do and enjoy in the world. I'll be fine when the have-nots of big time college football melt down. I'm just about done with it all. TCU as a whole hasn't been the university I knew and loved for a few years now anyway. Just another part of lifes ebbs and flows.

Now if I couldn't get on here and yank everyone's chain now and then, well, then I'd really have a conundrum.

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Won't future NIL payments be based on TV revenue in the future versus what fans donate?
Not exactly.

NIL is the ability for athletes to work selling their image and likeness rights to outside parties.

The TV revenue deal is money from the school itself to pay players. Two different revenue sources for players. It would be closer to NFL where the players get their contract from the teams (TV revenue part) and they can also do advertising commercials or public appearances (NIL part)

This is the current problem is that NIL collectives are technically not paying NIL, but pay to play which was not the intent.