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2314 needs your prayers

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Spike, Aug 9, 2020.

  1. God grant him strength.
  2. Our Thoughts with 2314
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  3. I've PM'd back and forth with 2314 several times, but can't say I know him personally.

    That being said, my impression of him is 100% positive, and I'm praying for him now.

    Go Frogs!
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  4. In our prayers
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  5. Get well soon 2314. Praying for you bud.
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  6. Done
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  7. Praying
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  8. On the way!
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  9. How old is he? Did he have a seizure disorder previously or was this related to COVID? Is he in the ICU? Is he intubated?
    Does he have a seizure disorder and he just happens to be COVID positive or are the two somehow related? That is the point I am making.
    I recognize these are very personal questions. Answer only if you know he would not mind.
    Prayers for our friend.
  10. Praying for a complete recovery
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  11. Not sure. He is in ICU and intubated. He has a past seizure history. He had two while on a trip to West Texas. At was at the hospital he was diagnosed with COVID.
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  12. prayers for 2314, those caring for him, and his family
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  13. 2314 has been around for a long time and generally seems like a good dude. We’ve talked a bit over the years through messages on here and he always came across very genuine and caring. wish him well.

    make sure to let us know if he needs anything.
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  14. Well said Maniac.
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  15. So sorry, this is really tough. Prayers for the whole family.
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  16. Wish him well and a rapid recovery.
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  17. 2314, hang in there. And fight, fight, fight!!
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  18. Prayers for the good man.
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  19. Fight em on the ice brother. Prayers.
  20. He just had his 59th birthday.
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