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2314 needs your prayers

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Spike, Aug 9, 2020.

  1. They share the same residence.
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  2. I know a lot of people that have decided that getting healthy is the safest preventative measure.
  3. The other day I was talking with a ultra-marathoner who had recovered from the virus. He said it hit him hard and still has some ill effects, especially breathing. He said the few other ultra-marathoners he knew that also contracted the virus had similar experiences.

    Did a little research and the virus seems to have a more serious affect on athletes such as marathoners and others who may be in great shape but participate in sports that consume extensive amounts of calories and energy.
  4. Probably a lot better chances than being diabetic, smoker, or obese. Even hypertension is a risk factor. Medical advances over the last 60 years has extended the life’s of many people that are at risk now.
    Also. Blood type O has shown to be 23% less likely to have symptoms.
    I think this thing is here to stay, guys. You can’t change your blood type. And It obviously mutates... so we get a vaccine every year that may or may not work? So live well, is all I’m saying.
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  5. This is a bunch of horsecrap
  6. exactly why I’m not a marathoner - i knew something like this would come along.
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  7. glad i am not the only one confused,but then again i am still trying to figure out which team he was a trainer for in 1984 when i thought he graduated from tcu in the early 80's
  8. Do a little research, it doesn’t take long.
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  9. you know lawyers don't research anything for free.....
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  10. He graduated Nolan HS 1979
  11. okay, not sure if that was in question, but thanks for the back ground

    the confusion is primarily over how his sister is involved with his contracting the virus and i mentioned i was confused which team he was a trainer for in 1984

    not that any of this matters are the poor guy is in a hospital right now, but the comments just seemed a bit odd
  12. marathoners can have heart issues, like others, as well.
    I think with this wuhan devil, balanced diets exercise and watching weight are really important. at least that is what my doctor told me. I am being strict with vitamins, etc. Just trying to do what I can to stay healthy. I needed to do it anyway.

    Hate this for 2314
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  13. No, someone who was infected and knew it got around her – apparently she was helping this person with errands – and she got it. She tried protecting Tony from it but they live together and apparently that is how he got exposed.
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  14. Make sure to include Vitamin C, B, E and D3 and Zinc.
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  15. I believe Tony is upper 50’s and not the best of health to begin with. Not the best combo for any of us. I haven’t heard the latest, but he was still unconscious and on a ventilator. Top probably would be more up to date on this.
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  16. I would agree that he didn't appear to be in good health...I don't know any specifics...just an observation. I talked to him several times over 3 years of my daughter playing varsity volleyball. Just a really nice guy and he never seemed to slow down....A constant fixture at all Aledo games. He did a great job...I always believed the Community News is a throwback to papers of the past and Tony did a fantastic job with weekly articles on multiple sports. Every time I spoke to him TCU sports was the general subject. Prayers to you and yours Tony....
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  17. Seems super important since we all know how common being an ultra marathoner is. I'll take my chances with the "being in shape" approach and would strongly recommend to anyone that isn't taking the best possible care of their body to use this as a wake up call and start doing so ASAP.
  18. Yep. We know this person ):
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  19. Anecdotal perhaps?
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  20. Moron perhaps ...

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