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2314 needs your prayers

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Spike, Aug 9, 2020.

  1. I'm pretty sure he graduated from Eastern Hills in 1980.
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  2. I believe it was his good friend Eugene Gwodz who graduated Nolan in 1979. Eugene and 2314 were there when the FW Texans won the Championship in 1977. I believe 2314 said it was one of best games he'd ever seen at any level. They were also there when the Texans beat the US Olympic team as they were preparing for the Olympics, and they went to Salt Lake City for game 7 when the Texans lost to Salt Lake City in the championship series.

    Sports are a massive part of 2314s life.
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  3. Good to see some @Ron Swanson likes popping up in this thread. Ron.... how you doing man?
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  4. Some semi-good news ... his MRI was OK. When his sister talked to him by phone and told him people around North Texas were praying for him his eyebrow twitched, an indication he heard and responded.
  5. Correct. He definitely graduated from EHHS.
  6. I’ve actually been reading the boards every day, just haven’t seen a whole lot to comment on lately... I’m just so beaten down by everyone’s hot takes on political ship.

    I’m doing good though. I actually went back to work a couple weeks ago.

    I still have the peripheral neuropathy I’m dealing with, which is starting to get old, but other than that I’m fine.

    Appreciate you asking.
  7. Sorry yeah I guess I got them confused.
  8. Interesting, I graduated from EHHS in 1978, guessing I know him
  9. I believe he only went there his senior year
  10. Some good news from his sister in an update. While Face Timing him 2314 Tony opened his eyes while she was talking to him. He still has a long, long way to go. Continued prayers for him.
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  11. Top, thanks for the updates. They do encourage/remind me to voice a prayer for a fellow Frog.
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  12. Did they tell you what causes this? Is it genetics, stress, lifestyle? This autoimmune ship doesn’t seems to have any rhyme or reason to it. A friend of ours has got something and she’s in phenomenal shape and clean living etc.
  13. They said they have no idea, it doesn’t seem to necessarily have a “cause”.

    That being said, they are learning more and more about how lifestyle choices can increase and decrease people’s chances of cancer. Processed foods, poor sleep, stress, alcohol intake, too much fatty meat, and being overweight can all increase one’s cancer risk. I’m certainly guilty of eating too many processed foods, eating too much fatty meat, and drinking too much alcohol.

    Who knows though
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  14. You are on expert on horsecrap!
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  15. Just catching up on the news. Pulling for him to pull through.

    2314 always "sounded" younger to me for some reason than he is. May his young-at-heart spirit prevail.
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  16. I'm a huge believer in the sleep/lack of sleep thing.
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  17. “Anti-Cancer Living” is a very interesting read. It’s written by the head of integrative medicine at MD Anderson. I highly recommend it for anyone who has ever been given a cancer diagnosis, but it also is good for people in general to read. He does a very good job of convincing you of the legitimacy of the book’s main tenants.

    I realize it’s one of those things where it probably takes a cancer diagnosis for most people to get this book and actually implement the lifestyle choices he recommends, but it’s not just for people with a cancer diagnosis, it’s also about preventing you from ever getting cancer. I forget the stat but it’s something like 50% of people will get cancer at some point in their life. So everyone thinks it won’t happen to them, but in reality there’s a very good chance it will, and we should all probably be doing what we can to reduce the chances of it happening to us. Not to mention, even if you take cancer out of the equation, it is just good for living a healthy lifestyle.
  18. If you know the Gundry “diet” (avoiding foods that cause inflammation) is this guys diet similar?
  19. I don’t know what that diet is, but probably. Anti-inflammatory is a big part of it.

    You want to avoid processed foods, processed meats, fatty meats, and make fruits and vegetables your main source of calories. Try to avoid carbs the best you can, but when you do, eat whole-grain bread and pasta.
  20. Thursday wasn't a good day for 2314. His sister reported he has fluid around his heart and his blood pressure goes up and down. She was awaiting results of the echocardiogram to see how they will treat him. "It’s a roller coaster, he takes a small step forward and then is pushed back 2 steps."

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