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2024 MLB Thread

Kyle Tucker with the Astros is on a tear this season and foolish stubborn management does not have him signed long term. Just getting more expensive, unaffordable. The Braves would have signed him longterm two years ago to a value deal.

Tucker has 41 walks in 49 games and more walks than strikeouts, 36.

Last year he increased his walk rate with 80 walks to 92 strikeouts in 157 games. He taking it to another level this year.

And he stays HEALTHY and plays most everyday.

That is some rare territory when you collect more walks than strikeouts.

He leads the league in homers 17, walks 41, OBP .422, slugging .638 and OPS 1.060.


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That is so over the top STUPID. These umps should not be allowed to get away with this random BS ejections. MLB should step in and take a stand against this sort of crap. I don't think they should be able to toss ANYONE from the game for making a comment. The only way to get tossed should be if a physical altercation takes place with the ump. In this day and age, AIs should be behind home plate.



Last June, the white sox beat the Rangers on a VERY controversial call on a play at the plate (the first tweet). Fast forward to Thursday night, almost a full year later, the call on the second tweet was made against the white sox to end the game. Some bad umpiring going on in Chicago.

Karma and the baseball gods are real.
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This is good for baseball.

Best news I’ve heard in a long time!
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