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2024 MLB Thread


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And I knew the announcers Raymond, Valle and Emily were jinxing him, talking him up before he gave up the walk and then the blast.

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Feds say Ohtani was just a victim. Maybe a stupid one.
And just how bad does Ohtani…. {err, Ippei} have to be at betting?! To rack up $183M in losing bets that nets you $40.7M in the hole over just 25 months and with an average bet size of $13k has to be a record! Like he was placing a quarter of a million dollars a day in losing bets level bad. Wow…


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IMG_6826.jpegThat’s it. I’ve had it with home plate umps. Just go with an automated strike zone. And yes, that’s Angel Hernandez calling that strike 3. The first 2 called strikes to Langford weren’t much better.



Ok Bochy. I'll always love you. You won us a World Series and I trust you as a manager. But when is it time to be concerned about the bullpen?
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