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2022 MLB Thread*


played in 130 the year before, misses all of this season, and i guess some ~30 games to start next season

with him being suspended is he allowed to go to the spring training?
I don't know about spring training but he has to sit out the playoffs if they make it and that counts toward the 80 games.


Not that it's working out like the Padres want, but he doesn't get paid while suspended, right? Tatis just loses that portion of the contract money?

no idea, one would hope not, but even if not, he was getting paid for recovering for an off-season injury that wasn't incurred doing something baseball related after a season in which he played less than 80% of their games.

bc puckett

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thanks bc, ring worm? that is about as believable as duane brown's mexcian meat story
The last time I even heard of ringworm was about 55 years ago when I was in kindergarten and my mother was trying to convince our doctor that I had it. He pretty much laughed her out of his office.
@The Artist Formerly Known as PhormerPhrog I don't understand the timing. 8 weeks to go. Weird. Must be more to it.

I don't think it's weird at all. Teams start making moves about this time. You'll see a few other guys fired in the next 2-3 weeks.

Think the time is just right to send a message and start finding the right guy.

Here me out...Michael Young with Wash as his Jackie Moore.