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2022 MLB Thread*


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@nwlafrog - This added to the excitement at Shea that night. Pic I snapped of Jose Reyes singling to complete the cycle. Look half way between Reyes and the pitcher. Reyes lined the ball through the pitcher’s legs in the air! Reds 6, Mets 5. Griffey doubled and had a sac fly for 3 RBI’s. Wagner blew the save as Brandon Phillips hit a 2-RBI single in the 9th. June 21, 2006.
And then the Mets fans started chucking shoes at the field bc of Billy Wagner’s blown save. Wild!

Link below to the full interview.

Too many NY fans are buttheads who expect to always win—spoiled brats when they don’t get what they want—no class. It is the large part of why I dislike the Yankees.

This reminds me of bad Eagles’ fans and how rough they are with opposing fans whom visit Philly, but a different dynamic than New York and their beloved Yankees. I think Eagles’ fans like to live up to their street tough heritage and intimidate to do so—bully—part of the culture for some.

Both Yankees and Eagles’ fans need to get out in nature more.
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Nick Lodolo starting on the mound at the Field of Dreams tonight, 6:15 on Fox. I watched last year and the atmosphere and production of the pregame and game was terrific. Unfortunately missed most of the pregame this year. The views of the countryside and ballpark are sweet.

I caught one cool story this year about a player, Dodger Roy Gleason, whom in 1963 was called up at age 20, had one at bat for a double, was sent back down, but received a World Series ring that year. After three more years in the minors he was drafted to Vietnam and never got another MLB at bat. But he has a Purple Heart, a World Series ring and a perfect batting average of 1 for 1.
—A parallel to the Moonlight Graham character in the movie
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