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2022 MLB Thread*

Went to the Yankee game tonight. They got shutout by the Rays. Yankee Stadium is cool but Citi is way better. I sat in the first row of the 2nd deck of left field and it was a pain in the ass to find how to get up there. Citi isn't easy either but YS has terrible signage for such. Overall, better experience at Citi and a few Yankees fans I talked to agreed. But still cool to go to Citi and YS in back-to-back days.
One of the reasons I love the Cubbies. They did the reno right. Put everything (mostly) underground, and limited access. No fancy Jerryworld amenities.



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What makes them think that Chris Young will do any better?

Best solution would have been to fire everyone all the way down to the custodial staff, and start over.
When Chris Young took the GM spot over for JD, there were alot of MLB people saying how he was a great hire and how good a job he would do as the GM. So now we will see.


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I am not really a fan of interleague play, and now MLB is going all on interleague play - 2023 schedule is out and it has every team playing every team. So the Rangers will play all 29 teams next year. Vomit