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2021 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. Baker Mayfield, though he was a walk on, had a hard transfer time fron Kingsbery.
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  2. Couple HIGH confidence level crystal balls this AM for Landyn Watson to TCU.
  3. Impossible. I was told specifically, right here in this thread, that Watson didn’t even have an offer from us.
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  4. How do you know? I thought you had him on ignore.
  5. Ha it was that very interaction that prompted me to put him on ignore
  6. Pretty sure this is a Baylor pick but he does have a TCU offer

  7. MaxPreps has him #38 overall defensive player in the country (note will play TE also in the fall, if they play...)

    38. Landyn Watson, Hutto (Texas)
    DE | 6-3 | 235 | uncommitted
    One of the best defensive players in all of Texas mentioned on Twitter he will also be a factor on offense during his senior season.
  8. Seems like an absolute lock it won't be TCU. Not sure we're still even talking to him.
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  9. His mom & dad and Coach P definitely talk. Darryl had some very nice replies concerning Patterson and the recent issues.

    "As a black father, the context in which this circumstance occurred wouldn't change my opinion of your character coach. Praying for continued success of your Family, and the young student athletes at TCU! I hope you and the young man fully reconcile. Blessings!"
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  10. That's outstanding.
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    I think we have 1 Safety slot we’d like to fill and the prevailing thought is that would go to Rawls. Especially since Caston isn’t likely to flip from Baylor. Moose is probably right on Lamear but that’s a cool comment from his dad
  12. No question Rawls is their top guy.
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  13. Lamear committed.
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  14. Baylor picks up two really good kids today. Hard to root against either and hope they have great success except one day eah year.
  15. The second they put on a Baylor uniform it will be some kind of easy to root against them.
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  16. The OL is a weird one as it seems Baylor and UT were the only ones pursuing and he is super low ranked. Generally those diamonds in the rough are least .84 or so. Kid is .80 or so.
  17. They may be good kids but I hope they go 0-12 every single year. They chose to dance with the devil.
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  18. They’re young and prone to making bad decisions. Hopefully they’ll mature and learn from this mistake.
  19. UT whiffing on almost all there top OL targets. Lot of freaking out by Horn fans. There inability to get elite OL talent is the only real weakness in their classes every year.
  20. they signed 8 offensive line kids in their last two classes and had some quality prospects among that group including johnson from oak ridge in 2019, hookfin from dulles in 2019, majors from prosper last year, parr from o'connor, and the ot from scl last year.

    this year they got an early pledge from the ot from katy taylor who is really a solid prospect and the only kid they have lost so far is the sheppard kid from the 2019 class and they were lucky to even get him into school based upon his high school.

    the area they have struggled is defensive line and they got saved with the two big prospects last year in broughton and collins

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