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2021 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 13, 2018.

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  2. a bit, father was second generation whose father's family came from prussia.

    he did a great deal of genealogy research and a number of the documents he passed on are in german and i have had to do some translation work trying to finish his work on the family tree.

    far from fluent though and can more pick my way through than anything else.
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  3. The coming of THOR to a Big 12 stadium near you. If Sonny likes him, I like him. Will be about the same size as Sonny Gibbs, except a little more compact.
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    if alexander is going to be a big time us college quarterback prospect he needs to learn to up his twitter game.

    i suggest he make one adjustment and then an addition to his original message. something like this:

    Ich bin 110% Texas Christian University verpflichtet. Bitte respektiere meine Entscheidung.
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  5. Thus kid is a bona fide athletic freak by the way.
  6. in all honesty i am a bit surprised he isn't going to uga to be a decathlete.

    he looks like the group of mult-event athletes germany has been sending to athens the past few years.
  7. GP will switch him DE.
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  8. Actually based on our TE recruiting misses, I wouldn’t at all doubt he doesn’t eventually become a TE...I read a few stories on him and on his camp tour this summer, a number of schools have asked him to run some TE routs.
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  9. Read the article today after seeing he was offered. Thought to myself he was a big long shot with all the interest he's garnered. Thrilled to get him, not least of all because of the potential nicknames. My nomination:

    The Great German Galoot

    Criminal practitioners here will appreciate the double entendre of the potential 3g Offense.
  10. The Honig badger
  11. He’s clearly got all the measurables. Who knows if he can play but he’s worth the press alone..
  12. das ist sehr gut!
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  13. Hasselhoff for the next Spring Concert?
  14. I think the reason he likes TCU is because he is being recruited as a quarterback and not a TE.
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  15. Honestly, if he's really 6'5", 235 lbs and runs a 4.7-something forty at 17 years old, that sounds like a D-lineman in the making to me.
  16. I think we should give him a chance to play at whatever spot he wants
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  17. Gunner would approve of the nicknames and the QB measurables.
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