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2021 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. I did. General Booty.
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  2. Billy Bowman ATH Denton Ryan 5-11/175

  3. I’m starting to think we might get 2021 commit before we get a 2020 kid
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  5. Kid is a beast 6-6/305 going into his JR year at Mansfield Summit

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  6. Lots of 2021 and 2022 guys in this weekend and Byron Murphy was one of the more impressive. 6-2/279 DT from DeSoto

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    TE Lake McRee 6-5/205 Lake Travis

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    Jahzion Harris 6-4/210 from Brooklyn NY Erasmus Hall HS offers inc Ohio St, Rutgers, Mich St, Penn St and many others. Obviously visited TCU (Brandon Jordon is an OL/DL trainer who works a lot with "Footwork King" and has trained Ed Oliver, Michael Divinity, Vernon Broughton, etc, etc.

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    Offers for Crownover the last 2 days (6-7/235 DE/TE):

    Arizona State
    North Texas
    Ohio State
    Oklahoma State
    Southern Miss
  10. Cy Fair RB LJ Johnson 5-10/200


  11. Believe these are twin brothers from Allen.
  12. Sounds like a TCU name to me.
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  13. Clayton Smith 6-4/220 OLB/DE Texas High (Texarkana)

    Nice shout out:

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  14. Marcus Burris 6-5/253 DE Pleasant Grove HS (Texarkana)

  15. Naquan Brown 6-3/200 DE Ocean Lakes HS Virginia Beach, VA

  16. Another Pleasant grove DE receives an offer, kid that I had been hoping they would offer months ago:

    Landon Jackson 5 star recruit 6-5/222

  17. Argyle TE 6-4/250 Jasper Lott

  18. Miami Doral Academy RB Roscoe Burton has been recruited by Cumbie and made it to TCU camp


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