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2020 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Very true. Still, would like to see what King could've done here. Maybe nothing. I have growing reservations about how well we develop quarterbacks, and whether we are capable of doing what great offensive coaches do- Adapting the offense to best exploit the strengths of the talent you have.
    I'm afraid Riley is going to take Hurts and make him look like another dang Heisman at OU. It's just sad when your team's "rejects" go elsewhere and look like superstars, while your own guys look middling to bad. Can't wait for the season so I can stop being a bitter crone... For at least one game.
  2. I want Reagor at qb!!!!
  3. I just want him healthy. Shut him down.
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  4. Even the usual OU homers don’t believe Hurts is going to be Kyler or Baker. Riley is still going to throw dynamic offensive out there but they are literally rolling out a new QB and 4 new O-Lineman. They will have some gelling to do early. I wish we were catching them earlier in the season this year.
  5. i agree with mt frog in that des did contribute in 2017, but i think a little perspective is needed on some of the numbers.

    no frog receiver in 2017 posted great numbers and that year to me is a mix of disappointment in the passing game, disappointment in the development of turpin, and a confusion of why more balls weren't thrown in reagors direction and why weren't they thrown that way sooner.

    one receiver showed true game changing ability that year and it was reagor. you had some solid guys, you had some guys who showed some flashes, but in terms of being other lever talent it was jalen.

    no receiver average more than 50 yards a game for a team that threw over 30 times a game. only one receiver average a touchdown every other game.

    fairly pedestrian numbers.

    white that year tied for the team lead in catches and i would also bet he was close to the lead in catches of 5 yards or less.

    he played, his part, did what he could do and that is something you want every recruit to do, but i would not call him a critical part of the offense.

    as far as the second half of the stanford game he made some big plays, did some good things, but when you ask who else could have returned that point? turpin, reagor, or snell all showed that had that type of potential with the ball in their hand in open field.

    again, i never understood the comparison of holiday and white in the first place other than the both played quarterback in high school.
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    Gray and Luper were not there, and I included Turpin... my goodness

    Is it you want to argue/disagree with anything I post, or do you really hate this kid. It all started with a disrespectful post on Dez, which he truly didn't deserve. So which is it !
  7. Is there seriously a debate on here about the importance of Dez White to the 2017 team? I can't imagine a less relevant discussion.
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  9. Year after year we have shown ourself to be a one WR football team. Hopefully that changes this year with Barber..Would love to have 3 WRs with + 50 catches. If that happens we will likely have figured out our QB situation and weapons have emerged opposite Reagor.
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  10. I don’t really have a dog in the fight over his significance but when he crapped on the only school that gave him a FBS offer because all 5’6” of him didn’t make the NFL, I can’t get too worked up over someone showing “disrespect “ on here at all.
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  11. Mind elaborating on that....
  12. He put out a tweet blaming TCU and GP for him not getting a shot in the NFL. There was a long thread on here about it but I'm not going to waste time looking for it. I'm sure most people know what I'm talking about.
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  13. And to think in the early 80"s SMU's was 10 times that.....
  14. Dont you worry, those guys spend what you see there and 10X that.
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    Some good news, kinda.

    Temple WR (6-4/180) Quentin Johnston is expected to announce sometime before his season starts and for a long time it appeared Texas was the team to beat and OU was next. Now it looks like a TCU/UT battle and TCU is trending up. Malcolm Kelly is doing a great job in his recruiting along with Jalen Reagor.

    Quentin has been very quiet on his recruiting but even some good UT sources think TCU now has a slight edge.

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  16. Agreed. It's hard to put direct cash payments on the books, so those are the official payroll, plane flights, food perdiums, and gas costs. Untold hundreds of thousands are spent under the table.

    Like Herman's hookers and blow budget.
  17. What a great replacement that would be for Reagor next year.... with our stable of QBs..[/QUOTE]
  18. Perdium or perineum?
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  19. Pretty sure he meant the geologic formation where all this daily spending money is coming from in TX.
  20. The Perdiem Basement
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