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2020 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Gonna keep that name in mind for my first born son
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    Sammamish WA RB Sam Adams II gets the offer. Son of former Aggie and Seattle pro bowler:

  3. interesting he isn't at skyline
  4. Sam Adams would go good with Michael Collins.
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  5. His dad coached as a volunteer through middle school.
  6. there is the answer. thanks
  7. Not the only part because they wanted him in a christian school also and is why they expressed interest in TCU. Ags have offered, also LSU, Mich, Ore and many others.
  8. there is no doubt the viewpoint in the pnw can be a bit counter to those ideals.

    not sure if it is for the same reasons but damon huard's son is a quarterback at kennedy catholic and is supposedly a prospect for 2021
  9. Kid torched Flower Mound Marcus for 297 rushing yards and 5 TDs last weekend (1,295 yds on 193 carries for the year):

    Pierce Hudgens 6-1, 201 and runs a 4.47 forty (huge TCU fan!)

  10. In case you missed it, he committed to Texas. Please respect his decision.
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  11. I bet the Toledo fans are pissed.
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    Mesquite Poteet RB Seth McGowan 6-1/210 Rated 4 star with over 20 offers, 2018 so far 1,065 yards and 16 touchdowns on 125 attempts.

  13. I was so bummed when I saw this. I've been pressing hard, and his best friend is Brown, our commit for 2019. I coached him in middle school, and this kid is going to be playing on Sundays, I guarantee.
  14. Try harder ask him how much Texas paid him.
  15. Well you’ve got over a year to change his mind.
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  16. Lufkin safety with offers from Arkansas, Baylor, Penn State and others:

  17. Long & lean OT from Southlake Carroll (6-5/250), offers inc Tech, Nebraska and Houston

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  18. 6’5 250? I mean kids do grow and put on weight but I can’t imagine someone continuing to be athletic and effective as a tackle after putting on the 70 lbs he’ll need to compete at the D1 level.

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