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2020 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. If he's really 6'5" I could easily see that. All depends on the frame, but I think that happens quite a bit with kids that tall almost naturally gaining 50+ pounds in a relatively short amount of time.
  2. I don’t see why he can’t.
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  3. Happens all the time

    Depends on the kid’s frame obviously but I’m sure the coaches took that into consideration
  4. Give him a redshirt year and let him grow as a frosh and soph. He would be ready to play as a junior and be a strong 5th year senior.
  5. know a guy who as a junior in high school weighed 245, his senior season he weighed 282

    lsu were dumbshits and offered him a scholarship that was a waste because he was only a 2 time all american

    steelers were even dumber because this reach as a high school junior only was a 6 x all pro selection and only made 9 pro bowls

    yep, no way to gain that weight, continue to be effective, and be able to compete at d1 level
  6. Nice grouping! (well except for that one...)

    6-6/330 OT from Cedar Hill

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  7. Wasting no time:

  8. Don't really like our chances here.
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  9. This smells like one of those commitments that is subject to change.
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    Not a huge surprise as he picks LSU
  11. Jalen Suggs attends my high school and plays on a cooperative team with two other schools, still at level 4A of 6.

    He's a top national basketball PG recruit but also getting football attention and reportedly visited Alabama.

    Would be a dream but if he wants to try playing both sports TCU could have the resume.

    OK it's a pipe dream but watch the off balance throws he made and the show he put on in the state championship game.

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    Longview QB Haynes King 6-3/185 Coaches son

    "enters the third round of the postseason with a 69 percent completion marks and a 35-to-1 touchdown-to-interception ratio in 204 pass attempts. King has 2,823 passing yards as well as 30 carries for 315 yards and five touchdowns."

    Insider: Lobos' King picks up offer from Horned Frogs


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  13. Another East Texas offer that has gone under the radar but his recruiting is picking up is 6-8/280 OL from Athens Garrett Hayes. Offers include Tennessee, Arkansas, Baylor and Oklahoma as well as TCU.

    Garrett Hayes Athens TX 6’8” 280 4.8 40 1650 powerlifting
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  14. Canadian OL/DT getting TCU interest:

    Tyrell Lawrence 6-8/375 at Burlington Ontario's Clarkson North

    His team regularly plays teams from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and other US programs.

    For those of you who do not like video of a big OL pancaking little guys do bother...problem is everyone is a little guy to him

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  15. Principal at Gilmer HS (has a son at TCU):

  16. Eric Reed Jr CB 6-1/190 Shreveport Calvary Baptist

    Playoff gm 2

    Soph season:

  17. OC at Calvary:

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  18. 6’2 180 WR
    Has some smaller school offers
    Could be worth following
  19. Son?
  20. I assume

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