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2020 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. I guess it's positive we're not recruiting dead kids.
  2. Tobin Phillips 6-5/290 Fresno CA San Joaquin Memorial tore his ACL soph year and didn't start playing again until the 4th game of last season but was beast the rest of the year.

  3. Jo'Quavious Marks RB 5-10/190 Altlanta GA Carver HS

  4. Another Hippo offered

    WR Dajon Harrison 5-11/182

  5. Norfolk, VA Maury WR KeAndre Lambert 6-2/180

  6. Please tell us you aren’t going to individually post EVERY SINGLE STINKIN one of the 300 offers that TCU will be sending out to the 2020 class of little 16 yr old teeney bopper prospects this year.

    90% of the posts you are flooding the thread with, are kids who have pretty much ZERO INTEREST in TCU and will never even sniff the TCU campus. All of the elite recruits that TCU is offering, state that they are thankful for the TCU offer, but they also post to other school websites, that they are thankful of offers from Prarie View College, Hardin Simons, and North Texas.

    So you are pretending to make a big deal out of a simple offer when in fact 90% of the elite athletes you are hyping in this thread have no interest in TCU, and even if they do list some interest in TCU the odds of them actually visiting TCU campus or committing to TCU is about as likely as you winning the lottery.

    If you could somehow combine all your hype into one post per month it might be better. Thanks for your little Cub Scout version of trying to be Jeremy Clark Jr but 300 more posts of every Tom Dick and Hairy High Schooler who gets an offer (and has little to no interest in TCU) is getting to be a beating on this thread.

    Thanks in advance for your great ace scout wannabe work. Very much appreciated

    ing to continue posting
  7. Look who is back. Joe123 via BaylorDan
  8. if the worst, most guided posts on this thread are cryptominer posting a link to a tweet from every kid who is given an offer by tcu for the 2020 class this thread will be 99.9% more on track than ever over thread on this board.

    you have a pretty good life if crypto's posts are that big an issue to you.
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  9. Winning the lottery is much more difficult than you think.

  10. How about you go scheiss yourself. Is THAT better?
  11. Feisty response
  12. #irony
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  13. Altirique gets the offer

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  14. Catching up a little and to piss off WyoFrog

    Big TE from Bishop Dunne 6-5/225

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  15. Cibolo Steele WR Daniel Jackson 6-3/193

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  16. Joshua Eaton 6-2/185 Houston MacArthur

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  17. Myles Slusher CB from Broken Arrow 6-0/180 38" vert

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