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2020 NFL Draft

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by FBallFan123, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. One thing that’s interesting to me is that tank carder still tweets about the browns a lot. Guess the team that picks you probably supersedes anything else?
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  2. Sure, but most everyone has a favorite team growing up. Who you eventually play for becomes your team, obviously.
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  3. This is gonna be pretty cool for a guy who grew up in Houston.

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  4. Hurts at 54 2nd round to the Eagles seems high. He is a bit of a knucklehead and a turnover machine. Plus Wentz.
  5. A knucklehead? He seems like he’s got his stuff together pretty damn good...
  6. Hurts a knuckle head?

    That is literally the polar opposite of anyone who has evaluated, watched or know him.

    But hey you do you.
  7. Yeah, about that...
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  8. not sure though he would have been in high school when watt came to town and made a big impact on the league so that has to be cool for him

    number of pros live in the elkins area and he most likely has a decent drive to the texans facility
  9. Thinking of him in terms of the 25 career fumbles and a sometimes lousy decision maker on the field but probably a poor choice of words.
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  10. Wait, Wyoming had a player drafted before Texas or aggie?

  11. The problem with this stat for us is there was not enough quality filler around these 3 when playing although with Reagor and Blacklock, another year at the Carter and it might have gotten mo betta.
  12. He has an opportunity to fill in for DJ Reader, so it should be a great chance.
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  13. I would bet my life that Deuce Gruden is a massive [ profanity ].
  14. And five of those losses for the big dogs were against each other...
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  15. Damn...that stings! [ What the heck? ] mate?
  16. How many of those above schools were using a true freshman quarterback? Yes, none of them.
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  17. scheiss him, lsu, bama, uga, and ohio state were all loaded and clemson had great talent as well

    reagor was the one elite talent coming out of high school for the frogs and this roster had big holes in it

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