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  1. nba ratings are dropping because their regular season games are often not very entertaining and it isn't uncommon to have the best players sitting out on a regular basis.

    additionally, because roughly half the league gets into the play offs how critical are the regular season games?

    finally, the more eyeballs watching a great catch, defensive play, or a home run the better.

    our son who is in his 20's watches more things on his phone or his computer than his television and if that is market you want to reach you need to make it easier and not drive them to one specific source.
  2. “Odor to bring revamped approach to plate...”

    what’s the approach? Don’t be the absolute worst player in the league? Good start.
  3. Good god.... I wouldn’t have thought it even remotely possible but the Astros just made it worse. Possibly the worst attempt at a press conference I’ve ever seen. You want to understand why it happened listen to Jim Crane’s comments and understand that their owner is just as big of a piece of [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] as everyone else over there.
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  4. Hopefully revamped means stop trying to hit every bad pitch farther than Gallo hits good pitches to hit. Rougie has become Ian Kinsler part deux for me. Both showed early on that they could hit for average and a little power while playing a solid defensive 2nd base. Then both thought they would rather hit the Mendoza line with 40 HRs than .280 with 15 HRs.

    Gallo was able to improve on many of the same issues in one off-season. I'm not expecting much from Rougie, but if it's been a point of emphasis for the organization since November then I guess there could be a reason to see if it works. If he doesn't get it figured out quickly I'll be fine never seeing him again.
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    funny thing about crane is mlb knew what type of person they were letting buy the astros and shouldn't really be surprised by anything that happens in that organization.

    here is a link to a 2011 article in forbes titled "Why Jim Crane Could Be Baseball's Most Controversial Owner"


    here is a link to a 2000 houston chronicle article about an eeoc complaint filled against eagle usa airfreight


    baseball knew what type of guy jim crane was before they approved his buying the astros, and what did the commissioner do about it?

    crane was a guy flush with cash and bud selig used the opportunity to address an issue to some of the two leagues being imbalanced when selig's own brewers moved from the american league to the national league.

    crane was the perfect morally bankrupt guy who could have cared less the astros had 50 years of history in the national league and merely wanted to own a mlb team.

    why would it be a surprise that a guy who the two articles was written about above and agreed to switch leagues to gain approval of the owners would hire some of the truly bad people he has hired in the astros' front office or push the envelop on an accepted form of cheating in baseball in order to win a championship?
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  6. Haha good lord
  7. Are they adding bleachers in the outfield? That looks ridiculous. Keep Dodger Stadium symetrical.
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  8. they’ve always had bleachers, it appears they are just adding a small section.
  9. NSSL
  10. 30 seconds after he said it DID impact the game. SMH. [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]show.
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  11. the other aspect of this entire mess that i still find interesting is who put the monitors in the dugouts?

    does it excuse what happened? hell no, but then again i don't understand how mlb didn't foresee that at some point and time a club (or clubs) would do what the astros did and a sternly worded warning letter wasn't going to get the job done.

    then again, i don't understand how one type of cheating is not only allowed, but revered by some in baseball and another type of cheating is despised

    we are told in the bible a sin is a sin for a pretty good reason
  12. What type of cheating is allowed and revered?
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    article the other day about the art of sign stealing

    gaylord perry is in the hof and was known for doctoring the baseball

    bobby thompson's "shot heard round the world" where the giants used a telescope and a buzzer system

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