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  2. I'll say this...that Mookie Betts/David Price trade just adds intrigue to MLB's investigation into the Red Sox, now that they're in the Dodgers locker room.
  3. Gum stain. Gum is what he said. Gum.
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  4. not a matter of refusal, but every example given uses a scenario where one accidentally comes across the information versus someone going to an extreme

    what is interesting is that there are those in baseball who believe sign stealing in any form or methodology is wrong, but i guess they are just as much a simpleton moron as me
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  6. Pretty dumb for Correa to say that when there is evidence of Altuve with at bats with the banging trashcan. Not sure they could have handled this situation any worse
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    Altuve used cans a lot less than others, so Bellinger *may* have over-stepped on the “Altuve stole the MVP from Judge” comment, but Correa’s indignation is prolly not gonna look good to anybody but Astros fans.

    Not sure how many people will buy the tattoo excuse re: Altuve’s actions with his jersey.

    And trying to limit the discussion of cheating to just the MLB investigation is weak, since WSJ report came out.

    Love to see odds on which Astros player gets beaned the most this season .... the way Correa is talkinit might be him, tho he he doesn’t seem too concerned about it right now.
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  8. Man, the *s are in for a long season. They're going to need a long fuse bc everyone will be aiming for them...literally. everyone will be looking for a fight.
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  9. And I’m here for it. All of it.
  10. Literally, every time Bregman, Correa, Altuve, etc step up to the plate they have to wonder in the back of their minds "is this pitch coming at my head?"
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    Not sure what’s going to be, or has been, more entertaining:
    1) The *astros talking to the media, trying to explain their actions.
    2) The *astros fans trying to explain their actions.
    3) The upcoming hunting season involving the *astros
  12. I’ll bet the averages drop significantly for that reason alone and not just the buzzers and trash cans.

    My grandfather told me a great story about pitching in his semi-pro day. If he was told to walk someone, he’d reach way back and throw as hard as he could and plunk the batter instead because it served multiple purposes. 1) the next batter would be nervous coming up, 2) the batter he hit wouldn’t know what to expect the next at bat, 3) he saved his pitch count, 4) he wasn’t a small man so they’d really have to think about it to charge him and catch some hands.

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  13. Up here in Calgary they just broke into programming to announce Tony Fernandez passed away of a brain stroke. Western Canada seems to hate everything from Ontario except the Jays. 17 years...that's a solid career.

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