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2019 TCU Tennis Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Longfrog, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Kruger wins on Ct 4 and Frogs lead 3-2. Need either Gray or Jong to win.
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  2. Gray holds to go up 5-2. Jong still up a break.
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  3. Gray will now serve for his match.
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  4. Jong holds to go up 5-3 in his match.
  5. Jong now to serve for his match.
  6. And Gray wins it for the Frogs
  7. Frogs advance by beating that baseball school MSU 4-2. Jong was up 5-4 and 30-0 on his serve when Gray ended it.
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  8. That's 3 b12 teams into the final 8. At least one will get through to the semis as we will play UT on Thursday in Orlando. Tall task... they're quite legit this year, and our last matchup went very poorly. I'll try to do a preview next week.
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  9. Outstanding!!! We’re a tennis school now.
  10. Great job. Watched some of the singles.
  11. Does anyone have any idea why the Gray match was delayed so long when it was 15-15 in the deciding game? I was streaming Jong's match at the time and was too superstitious to change courts on the feed. But it seemed like it stayed 15-15 for 10 minutes.

  12. This might be why
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  13. Well there we have it....thanks
  14. Saw him run after a ball off screen and then walk to the bench with coach. Didn’t know what he hurt
  15. There's a pretty nice preview of today's match on collegetennistoday.com. They're predicting a 4-2 win for UT, which is hard to argue with. As the writer says, the 2/3/4 spots in the lineup are going to be problems for us. It's hard to imagine us pulling the upset if we don't win the doubles point. The only thing I'd add to his analysis is that UT also has a big advantage in experience. Their top two are juniors, and everyone else are seniors. In our first match with them six weeks ago, we lost all six singles points. Four of those went three sets, but maybe that's where experience wins out.

    Slam Tennis gives us a 22% chance of winning. They had us as underdogs last weekend vs Miss State too.

    Match starts at 1 central. Live stats and video are here.
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  16. Doubles not looking good. Down a break on 1 and 2. I'm watching court 1, where we just lost two deuce points in a row.
  17. Really needed to win that doubles point. Long road ahead
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  18. Lost the doubles point. Shame as we were up a break on 3. Gonna take some doing now.
  19. Looks like we lost the doubles point.
  20. Any insight into the intriguing matchups to keep an eye on?

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