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2019 TCU Tennis Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Longfrog, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. This year will be fun to watch.
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  2. Can’t have Rybakov losing that match.

    Still need depth
  3. I will take the glass half full view of this one. Not only were we a point or two away from beating a really quality opponent, but the spots where we lost were encouraging, if you can say that. Rybakov isn't a totally sure thing at #1, but I will take my chances with him any day of the week. And I realize I'm making excuses for him here, but playing indoors does not play to his strengths. And as frustrating as it is to struggle yet again in doubles and #6 singles to start the year, those are two areas where we seem to improve as the year wears on. Look at the improvement in Kruger's results from this time last year. We have our second-best freshman playing there now, and he lost to one of the top American recruits from this year. Not all that surprising. All things considered, the start of this season has raised my hopes, and I think we have a legit shot to win the Big 12 again.
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  5. Lost the doubles point. Looked like their was a call that TCU players and coaches argued that gave the advantage to MSU
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    The live scoring showing Stalder v Rakic in matches 1 and 3. Something is amiss there.

    Edit: The scores differ, so the scores may be correct for both courts with the names wrong for Singles 1.

    Edit 2: Now fixed: Rybakov v Borges in Singles 1.
  7. Excuse my ignorance but what is the difference between playing indoors and outdoors. I know I’ve seen posters say that we are a lot better outdoors than indoors
  8. Looks like TCU won all 6 first sets during singles. TCU in firm command on court 6 and should be our first point
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  9. Frogs win the first set in all 6 singles matches! Rybakov and Fomba both came back from a break down. Rybakov was up 5-0 in the tie-break; Borges staved off 5 set points in a row before Rybakov prevailed.
  10. Might have jixed our 6th player. Won the first set 6-1 and was up 5-1 in the 2nd. It's now 5-4

    Edit: Just won 6-4 for our 2nd point after Stalder won
  11. Indoors courts are usually faster. Combine that with the absence of outdoor elements (sun, wind), and it would usually favors big servers.
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  12. Things can change in a hurry, but right now this is a straight up a** kicking of the #3 team in the country
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  13. Getting a win on #6 in that fashion is shocking. If we get that kind of production out of #6 and #3, we are going to be reallly good.

    Extremely impressive the progress Stalder has made in singles during his time at TCU.
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  14. Had a chance to close out court 5 on serve but couldn't do it
  15. Blew it on court 1 also. Fortunately Kruger closed on 4.
  16. We win! 4-1. Fomba closes out on 5
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  17. Closed it out on 5! Straight ass kicking
  18. All over. Only disappointing part is Rybakov didn't get an official win on #1.
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  19. Big time win. Looks like we will get UNC next, who are mere points away from beating Baylor.
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    The freshmen at 5 & 6 need to work on their doubles games (which is usually the case for freshmen). But a couple of huge wins today in singles. Very encouraging.

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