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2019 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. Then it’s imperative you make this right.
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  2. I think it would be wise going through these official offers and liking them. Seems petty but means a lot to these athletes especially since the public schools have so many alumni that getting 500-1000 likes is common. These kids love the attention. If you pay attention to TCU football through Twitter those are probably in your feed anyway so might as well give it a like.

    You can also see whom TCU targets favorite school is by their Twitter likes at this time. Not all the time but most of them.
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  3. Welcome to TCU Josh! Pretty cool video too.
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  4. Any news on recruits backing out of Ohio State commitments? We on anyone's radar?
  5. Dylan Wright committed to A&M .
  6. He'll end up here in a few years.
  7. Wright is incredibly talented, for me he is the bets WR in the state, maybe the country. Jimbo has 8 out of the top 21 kids in TX, compared to 2 for UT. Aggie decommit season hasnt happened yet, as he is selling 100% hopes and dreams.

    I am really hoping they get skull drug by bama and clemson this year.
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  8. I’ll never understand the appeal of Texas A&M. Clearly I’m missing something.
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  9. Some kids want to win. Some want 120k fans cheering their loss.
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  10. Some kids want to own their own worm farm.
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  11. Finding talented Skills players hasn’t been an issue for us...We need to improve in the trenches and CB and both are happening. Wright would have been a nice get but but we’ll find another one.
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  12. As GP says, it isn't the ones you don't get, but the ones you get that don't work out. I get more excited about guys like Colt, Coker, and Warren. And I think Marcus Williams has the highest ceiling of anyone in the state as he is coming off of injury.
  13. they are selling a combination of jimbo's rep and playing in the sec. fisher is similar to urban in that the crap from his program somehow hasn't stuck to him.

    urban however has won and been highly competitive at the elite level. fisher won his title with winston's first year and they never got back to that level despite a large amount of talent going to the nfl.

    ags also focused heavily on the state of texas while texas is trying to cherry pick in the state and recruit nationally. just under half the horns' class is from outside texas and i think the big ot from north forest should be among the states top 20. i think those rankings favor skill players and camp kids.
  14. talked to some friends who played longview last year and they really are not looking forward to marcus being healthy this year. massive frame and good mobility who projects as a combo offensive lineman who ct can mold for frogs
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  15. It’s not what you are missing, it’s what you have - decency, taste, common sense, an aversion to male cheer squads.
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  16. No-Brainer but maybe he just likes red:

  17. is tcu even actively recruiting him with foster and mccuin in the class?
  18. Hope Barlow commits...He and D. Foster could be the future Anderson/Sewo...Killer RB combo

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