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2019 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. Possible fallout if Urbs is out: Garrett Wilson.


    (Summary if not interested in reading the linked)

    Currently he says he is solid to OSU but if things don't play out as he sees he mentioned TCU as one of his possible visits along with OU, UT, Neb and USC.

    Has contended that UT needs to show improvement in the offense before he would seriously consider them. Smart kid.
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  2. That kid sees the QBs that TCU has lined up and the fact that UT tries to concuss theirs before conference play starts. smart kid.
  3. That website made me feel dirty.
  4. Tries? Remarkable track record of success. Seems effortless.
  5. IMG_20180811_115304.jpg
    Allllllrighty then.
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  6. That tweet got taken down pretty fast but come on why would anyone be suprised..Want to know why being classified a 5 star is important to recruits..cause they know the bag is coming
  7. I'm SHOCKED!
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  8. Who are our next two recruits to commit?
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    I like this John Emery character

    EDIT: Disregard, I read that totally wrong, I’m an idiot
  10. I like the hour glass emojis showing time ran out on LSU to pony up the cash.
  11. Sure hope Barlow is one of them...Actually both Newton boys would be swell
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  12. couldn't sleep so i started watching the videos of the projected defensive recruits in this class.

    really like the talent that is pledged to the frogs especially in the front 6.

    you can see ellison is very well coached and is a smart player, recognizes and then attacks.


    if you haven't watched any of myron warren's clips here you go. i like how hard he plays and is very physical.


    favorite though was watching karter johnson. really like how he uses his hands for a high school kid. funniest part of the tape to me is roughly 1/3 to half through where a team in blue with orange helmets is trying to bring an h-back across the formation to kick out johnson. poor kid's number is 14 and things don't go well as karter sees the blocker coming down on him and absolutely crushes him.


    2 linebackers and the secondary prospects all run well. you add catalon, say stephon wright and maybe another edge rusher and this is another tcu defensive class that in a couple of year is kicking opposing offense's collective asses and more articles get written about patterson's eye for defensive talent.

    sorry nothing new to offer, just hoping i can help a few get through this lull period before the start of the season
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  13. Oh I like that.
  14. Funny...He’s our lowest rates recruit according to 247...He’s going to be a monster by the end of the year
  15. Yep. Apparently that’s not Gary’s ranking.
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  16. missed all of his junior year and word is he spent more time on rehab and busting his ass getting stronger than doing cone drills at recruiting combines

    the other guy to watch is coker somewhat in reverse. word i have been told is andrew busted his ass, dropped a bit of weight and is looking good as well. those two are key pieces the frogs need to hold onto for the 2019 class
  17. Amen. Something tells me they aren't done being recruited and will be major targets of the usual suspects.

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