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2019 NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by GoFrog Yourself, May 31, 2019.

  1. I don't see the strategy as bending the rules as much as it is taking advantage of opportunities presented by dumb rules. Sort of like tax loopholes. You're dumb if you don't find them and take advantage of them, but you don't necessarily like that it has to be that way.
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  2. Well put, Purp.

    I claim no deep understanding of the Byzantine NCAA rulebook, but I always thought that in the realm of Athletics, you got to use Athletic scholarship money and none else. As in, you can't put a football player on an Academic scholarship as a dodge. I know next-to-nothing about "need based aid" and had no idea that such a thing could be used to fund Athletic scholarships.
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    It's really only uncommon for basketball and football. Any sport that doesn't have the entire roster filled with athletic scholly athletes will still need to fill their rosters and, in many cases, those students will need financial aid just like any other student when they aren't receiving a scholly.

    The rule that has to be followed is that students receiving need-based aid who are also participating on varsity athletics teams cannot receive aid disproportionate with what any other student would receive given the same set of circumstances. The same is true for academic merit-based aid. In other words, if a varsity athlete receives need-based aid or academic aid yet isn't more/equally qualified for it as another non-athlete who didn't get the same/better aid package then it would be deemed an impermissible benefit.

    Schloss has long lamented this problem for our baseball team, but it's the primary advantage Vanderbilt has over just about every baseball team in the country. Since the Vandy endowment is such that they can provide need-based aid for every student at their university to cover nearly the entire cost of school there, they can freely recruit athletes who won't need athletic scholarships to come play baseball for them at a lower cost than it attending a state school in their home state on a partial scholarship.

    It appears as though Michigan has found enough very low income baseball players that they've been able to fill out their roster with a lot more guys who aren't paying their way than most other college baseball rosters. I don't know that to be fact, just surmised from the story lines being reported about Michigan. Whatever it is has been effective for them. I do wonder how much student debt is required to get some of these kids through school, though, if they're only getting need-based aid. Maybe the state of Michigan has a fund for these types of students to provide enough grant money to cover costs.
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  4. Tried to listen to G3 on the radio. Can’t do it. The whistling is more than I can take.
  5. That big inning from Vandy depressed me. I flpped to the Rangers game.
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  6. Keep forgetting about this. I've watched maybe 4 innings of the entire tournament. Least since probably 1984.
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  7. It’s been rather forgettable except the Auburn collapse
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  8. Congratulations to Vanderbilt.

    I am convinced that TCU will be back there and will win it. Guessing 2021 will be their year.
  9. I thought the Michigan run was fun to follow. The FSU story line. Two of the last 4 in made Omaha. Tech actually won as many as they lost for the first time ever. Most I've enjoyed a non-TCU CWS ever I think. Just wish Vandy had lost.
  10. I was bored by the baseball for the vast majority of what I saw. Was significantly more entertained binge watching Season 3 of Riverdale. I care so much less than many about "story lines" in sporting events and especially in baseball.
  11. According to Aggy logic, I guess last night makes us Co-National Champions.

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  12. Depending on the story line, I can often pick a rooting interest as a result. Either for or against. In the case of this year, I was pulling hard for Michigan. First time I've ever wanted a B1G team to beat anybody that wasn't another B1G opponent.

    I also appreciated the FSU story and the fact that half of the last 4 in made it to Omaha. That's pretty impressive to be and I was hoping to see those runs continue.

    I find it easy to root against Tech every time they play so that gave me a rooting interest. in 4 games.

    I cared about far more of the games in Omaha this year than I usually do when TCU isn't there. That's because of the story lines. And since I was invested a little in a particular team winning most of those games it made it more fun for me. Quality of baseball at the college level isn't the reason I watch. Even in Omaha you see some ugly ball played often. You watch because of the stories when your team isn't there.
  13. Officially in the summer sports dead zone. Guess I’ll try to work for once
  14. "They say 'Hard work never killed anyone.' I say, why take the risk?" -Ronald Reagan
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  15. Frogs will be back next year better than ever. This team had a lot of talent but beat itself. There is a ton of talent here and on its way.

    Frogs 2020
  16. I'm planning to go to Omaha next year and hope the Frogs accompany me.

    For those who have gone, what is the strategy for hotel rooms? Not sure how far ahead they book or if they already are.

    What's my best play for game tickets as well? I intend to go for the first week...

    Thanks in advance
  17. If you know now you're going to go I'd go ahead and book a hotel near TDAP. It's a little more fun to stay in the team hotel, but there's no way to know which hotel that may end up being if we went.

    What I will tell you about hotels is that they get much cheaper once teams staying in them are eliminated. Keep an eye on which teams are staying in which hotels and as soon as one gets eliminated you can move to that hotel for savings if desired.

    My preference was a hotel near enough to TDAP, but also close enough to walk everywhere downtown with ease. It's really all walkable wherever you stay unless you don't get around very well.

    Game tix are easy to buy off of anybody on the street. Very seldom do people go to every game for which they have tix so it's very easy to buy some outside TDAP before the game. If you plan to go to every game then I'd get an all session pass. Not sure how best to get those as I never went that route.

    I wish you the very best of luck cajoling our Frogs into joining you.
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  18. Find tickets from fans after their team loses or others off the street
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  19. I’ve stayed in the Hilton a couple of times. Walk to the park and one or two teams usually stay there (Vandy and auburn this year). Pricey but can’t beat the setup and convenience. For this year I booked it before Christmas 2018 and could cancel up until the week of, it sold out a month or so before the series.

    There’s a new marriot just south of the Hilton, still can walk everywhere and more bang for your buck. Homewood suites behind home plate looks nice and there’s plenty of options closer to the old market less than a miles walk from the stadium.

    Tickets: buy on ncaa exchange if you need resale, probably best to buy before the supers so fans don’t start snatching them up. If you don’t mind not having a seat just go the GA route. There’s not a bad seat in that stadium.
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  20. College baseball lost a good one.

    Tony Robichaux dead at 57. UL Lafayette for 25 years

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