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2019 NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by GoFrog Yourself, May 31, 2019.

  1. Best day of the year outside of opening day and the first day in Omaha.

    First games of the day start in about 5 hours:

    11am on ESPNU: Coastal vs Auburn in the Atlanta Regional
    Other 11am games: Campbell vs. NC State in the Greenville Regional and Florida State vs FAU in the Athens Regional

    Hogs vs Central Connecticut starts at 1pm

    Big 12 games:
    Baylor vs LMU in the Los Angeles Regional at 3pm
    Tech vs Army in the Lubbock Regional at 3pm
    Okie State vs Harvard in the Oklahoma City Regional at 6pm
    WVU vs Fordham in the Morgantown Regional at 7pm

    Frogs vs. Bears at 6pm on the ESPN3 (streaming)
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  2. What time does UT play?
  3. Williamson on the bump tonight and Lodolo slotted for tomorrow. Hope we get a strong outing and save some bullpen arms tonight (or forgo the bullpen all together)
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  4. Their fall scrimmage isn’t for another few months
  5. Campbell up early on NC State 4-0
    Florida State up early on FAU 5-0
    Auburn up early on CCU (still hate them) 2-0 but the Chants are threatening
  6. Wow! Is Cal not throwing Horn?
  7. Schloss said on Tuesday he was getting 2 starting pitchers ready for tonight and would decide after outcome of Game 1. Is the plan Williamson if Arky wins?
  8. Yes.
  9. That makes sense. Although if Horn is going in game 1, huge risk not throwing Lodlolo
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  10. I think when you’re as lucky as we are to even be in a regional, you play the high risk high reward bet.
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  12. Arky about to get started. Hope central conn puts up a fight
  13. If you check out the Longhorn Network they will be playing the 1983 CWS championship game for their fans to view.
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    Did we ever find out why Coby Boulware transferred to Arkansas?

    Miss St. starting pitcher had to leave early due to injury. Replacement just walked a run in. Southern leads 3-2 in the 4th. 4-2 now after a Sac Fly.
  15. He heard we had recruited more of a defensive specialist for 2B.
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    Campbell up 5-4 on NC State in the bottom of the 8th. Game is going to a weather delay.

    Southern Miss takes a 7-1 lead on Arizona St in the 5th

    Central Connecticut gets a run but Arky respond with a solo HR. Pigs leading 3-1 in the 4th
  17. Brand new stadium in Starkville yet they have the visitor’s bullpen in foul territory.

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