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2019 MLB Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by FBallFan123, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. And Pete Rose.
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  2. there might be a simply explanation for pete.

    as far as harold making it at all let alone before edgar, that is a freaking joke
  3. As a Card fan, the team became instantly better with Goldy. Carp will move to 3rd. base-- he is a team player.
    Can some of you tell me about Drew Rob, whom we traded Pat Wisdom to the Rangers for. Btw, Wisdom is a good player.
  4. Drew never took a step forward when he would get his shot in the majors. Good athlete that has the tools if he can put it together. I don’t think you will see one Rangers fan sad about it though
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  5. I always thought Fred Manrique was the real key to that deal.
  6. You can already see it lowering the bar....the main discussion since it was announced has been "well if Harold Baines is in the Hall....".
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  7. Yep. No offense to Harold but when I think HOF I don’t think Harold Baines. Larry Walker seems more deserving but I don’t have the numbers in front of me.
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  8. There's simply no metric which indicates Harold as a HOFer. I generally hate the "compiler" moniker but if there is such a thing then HB is the definition of such.
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  9. Hall Of Played A Long Time And Did Some OK Stuff
  10. Utility player. Strikes out a lot. So that was a good fit for Rangers.
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  11. Goldschmidt and Carpenter are both alums of the now watered down TCL. Both were beasts.

    Also, tough times for Pirates fans again.
  12. Wow. Just got 4 different app notifications about the trade. I was really high on Profar. Loved what I saw from him last year. Over 60 extra base hits. We finally started to see what the hype was about. A bit disappointed but I get the reality of the situation.
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  13. Still wish we would have traded him for Archer a couple years ago
  14. Dodgers clearing some money, and space in the outfield....to sign Bryce Harper?

  15. I like the prospects Rangers got. But would rather have traded Gallo and all his strikeouts to get them. And keep Profar to play 3b. We need a 3b.
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  16. I agree with this, but not sure Gallo could have commanded as much in a trade. Also, it appears the league and analysts are trending toward more HRs and extra base hits at the expense of hitting for average and keeping strikeout numbers down. Given that he may have been more attractive in a trade than I think.

    If this trend continues what I previously thought was an untouchable strikeout record for Nolan may suddenly be attainable again. That said, whoever wants to do it will have to start pitching more innings than modern pitchers tend to get.
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  17. Also trending toward a far less watchable version of the sport IMO.

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