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2019-2020 TCU basketball thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Rose Bowl, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Say for KSU, probably OSU, conference play will absolutely have it’s way with us. Going to be a long one.

    Saturday won’t be terrible, but I expect to lose by at least 20 on Tuesday.
  2. what happens for the frogs over the next 15 games in part depends upon match-ups which they have no say over (i.e. baylor, kansas, tech, and wvu), but more importantly do they go back to the things that was responsible for the three wins to open conference play (i.e. moving the basketball on the offensive end with more passing and less dribbling and great denial defense) or do they revert in the manner they did in the second half in morgantown
  3. There were some laughable calls from the refs for sure. But we still didn't belong on the court.
  4. Meh...we hadn’t played anyone worth a squat other than Xavier. Im WVU is really good, but I’m afraid that game is more indicative of who we are rather than the previous games.
  5. Yes, WVU is easily the best team we've played. Xavier is good, back end of Top 25. Tech will be similar, but BU, KU, and WVU are where we would like to be one day.

    beat arky, texas,ou, and get to .500 in conference,that is the goal.
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  6. Beating Arkansas would be a major upset, especially at their place. I don't think you can realistically count on that one.
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  7. 628AB910-2EBF-4412-B6A6-9BC471F558C5.jpeg

    Iowa St. now 1-3 in conference play.
    OK State now 0-4
  8. not counting on it, focusing on it. ooc signature win needed.
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  9. Stop watching and let's see if he improves. Maybe you're throwing a hex on him.
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  10. It wouldn't have changed the outcome against WV but having Ledee and Samuel foul out, leaves you with absolutely no height what so ever. No wonder we weren't even competitive the last half.
  11. You've got to have heart-- miles and miles of heart,
    When the odds are saying you'll never win-- that's when the grin should start.
    You've got to have hope-- mustn't sit around and mope.
    Nothing's ever bad as it may appear-- so keep lots of good cheer in your heart.
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  12. OK St just gave Baylor all they could handle losing 75-68. Was a 1 possession game inside of a minute. Baylor is gonna be #1 on Monday IMO.
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  13. KSU up 17 on WV at the half and UT leading KU. Big 12 is weird.
  14. Doubt they'll beat any of those three on the road. Doubt they'll beat ISU or OSU on the road either, so other than the one off the wall win they usually come up with, it's looking like about 6-12 or 5-13 in conference play to me.
  15. Can we please get some shooters on the roster.....
  16. It was a nice thought anyway.
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  17. I’m not a negative thinker a lot...but this is embarrassing.
  18. [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] show might be another term.
    I can understand getting drill at WVU but getting drummed by OU.
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  19. TCU is 0 for eternity playing @ OU. Not all that surprising really.
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  20. Getting beat by 19 is a bit surprising and disheartening. You'd think they would guard Brady Manek. He kills them.

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