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2019-2020 TCU basketball thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Rose Bowl, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. With all the wings we have I believe we’ll employ a more uptempo offense. When you don’t really have any forwards, at least power ones, you have to use your strengths which look to be athleticism and quickness.
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  2. Yeah, I agree. I think we will look the push the pace more this year with more guards and long wings. I think RJ will emerge as another go to option with Bane.

  3. From your mouth to Jamie’s ears. When I see us not walking the ball up and really trying to get uptempo then I’ll believe it.
  4. I somehow missed this but we have offered Eric Gaines out of Georgia.

  5. If anyone sees a very tall young man at the game Saturday it very well might be Eddie Lampkin. He will be on his official visit starting tomorrow and he is a guy we are prioritizing.
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    Again, everybody is going to love this kid.

    Really a good player.

    He and Diante (standing to his left) are going to play big roles on this year's team.
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  7. So what kind of production can we expect from those two? Throw in Fuller too. We’re going to need these guys to be good if we expect to have a really good season.
  8. Hard to predict production but all three are going to be on the floor a lot.
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  9. This is actually a pretty good review of the conference and the challenge the Frogs have this season. I’m not sure we’re going to finish last but it is totally realistic. It’s up to the Frogs to show how good they can be.


  10. This is a very true statement. Thought I would share.
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  11. I hope fuller produces. Certainly have the highest hopes for him of anyone.

  12. Seems like we’re in good shape here but I admittedly know nothing beyond what I’ve read on a couple sites.
  13. Very good shape!
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  14. please let me know when it actually happens.

    last year we were told the fbi investigation was going to be the end of multiple college basketball programs and to date a few guys got fired and i think a couple of guys have gone to jail, but duke, unc, etc....kept on rolling
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  15. I know what you are saying but this is just getting started. The NCAA has been way too vocal about it for nothing to come of it.

    I think they are going to try and hammer 6-8 schools.
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  16. after what didn't happen with miami and the nevin shapiro case as well as unc and the academic fraud i will believe the ncaa does something to a blue blood sports program when it happens and not until then.

    how much more possible evidence could they need in either case and what happened?
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  17. I don't disagree with anything you said. However, they can't let this slide. This garnered way too much national attention.

    The difference this time are the FBI wiretaps. Those conversations can't be disputed. I was privy to some information about one of the schools that has been mentioned (NCAA is investigating) and it's pretty damning.

    They may not cripple any of the schools with massive penalties but I think there are going to be several very high profile coaches out of work pretty soon.

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