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2019-20 bowl games thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by froginmn, Dec 21, 2019.

  1. Looking forward to watching the Rose Parade this morning for memories, then watching Minnesota in the Outback, the Rose, then the Sugar.

    Time to get reeeeal comfortable on the couch.

    Happy New Year!
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  2. If year after year you bet against teams who had a chance to make playoffs in CCG weekend and blew it, you’d make good money.

    Biggest factor in bowl games isn’t talent and how good a team is, but motivation.

    I expect Baylor to at least cover against UGA if not win outright
  3. I listened to that feed on the way out to the Ranch yesterday. I thought they were a very good crew.
    The Navy broadcast crew were pretty funny to start off their broadcast, saying that their normal accommodations "had a limit of three persons due to the fire code." The Bowl Game broadcasters box they were stationed in was "much roomier!"
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  4. Great point.......That Baylor line is now 4.5, with up to 13 and counting Georgia players not participating.
  5. ^^^ Good grief. I may not even watch that Sugar Bowl.
  6. I’m a big believer in this theory but I can’t bring myself to bet on Baylor here, especially with such a small spread. At 4 1/2 you’re basically betting on them to win and I just can’t do that in good conscience.

    You also have to factor in that Georgia lost to Texas last year. That could’ve been a wake up call and they don’t want to lose this game two years in a row.
  7. Baylor should win it going away if the reports about the players our for Georgia are accurate.
  8. since the pac has been playing their championship game, every runner up has lost thei
  9. If Georgia was was so motivated more players would be playing! No, I see Baylor covering if not winning outright.
  10. I don't think most of the kids sitting out are due to saving themselves for the nfl, etc. At least 4 are injuries. There is reportedly and undisclosed number of players who are out to academics or substance tests. Before the "undisclosed" listings got released, it was thought they were only down 5 players.
  11. The prices for tickets for the Sugar Bowl are sorta surprisingly low. Really great seats close to mid field for really low bucks when compared to other major bowls. On both sides of the field.
  12. Minn. and Auburn holding each other to an FG early. On paper, looks like a good physical game.
  13. Auburn runs it back. Nice.
  14. Looks like Minnesota will be without their biggest OL. RT Daniel Faalele, a 6'9" 400 pound sophomore who was recruited by Alabama and LSU among others, was a game time decision. Hope he gets in. # 78... Yes, you read the weight correctly.
  15. Watched him this season. Even on a tv away shots, you could tell the guy was at least that tall. Did not know he was out. Bummer.
  16. In terms of the motivation factor, UGA’s backups that haven’t played that much could well be pretty motivated now that they’re getting a chance to play. If that’s the case, then I guess we’ll see if UGA’s backups are better than Baylor’s starters. The UGA offense looked pretty sluggish down the stretch so it wouldn’t surprise me for Baylor to at least be able to hang around and keep it a game.
  17. Minnesota looking very sharp so far. Outside of that one special teams play, they’re outplaying Auburn early.
  18. Michigan ties it up with Alabama, 7-7
  19. Auburn is getting handled pretty good right now. Minn looks better on offense.
  20. Michigan is driving more or less at will and the CBS crew is talking about whether Bama is a playoff team if Tua doesn’t get hurt. The SEC apologists are already out between Tua’s injury and Georgia’s players sitting out (see how they categorize injuries and don’t mention any of Baylor’s injured players).
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