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2019-20 bowl games thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by froginmn, Dec 21, 2019.

  1. Skylar Thompson having a rough go of it here in the 3q
  2. Big 12 gonna get bageled?
  3. Good job Big 12
  4. Can’t believe they fell for the halfback pass on 4&3, unreal.....

    good job Cats and good job Big xii
  5. Happy for the Midshipmen. Wish it hadn't been a Big XII loss.

    Mixed feelings about UT/Utah, too.
  6. Nope. Utes need to crush 'em.
  7. The Big 12 is a Superfund site this year. But I hope Texas and Baylor both lose by 50.
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  8. Yep, 0.000% of me is rooting for UT over our fellow MWC promotions.
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  9. Has any P5 conference ever gone 0-fer in bowls before?
  10. It's too hard to pull for UTerus...I just can't do it.

    Go Utes!
  11. I’m sure it’s been on this string 100 times but it sucks amazingly bad that we couldn’t get our scheiss together enough to make a bowl game. This should never happen again. Watching these bowl games just makes our pathetic season even harder to take! Here we are watching UT, a team we destroyed playing against our long time conference arch rival. Go Utes!

    Happy New Year everyone - that is all.
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  12. Agree.

    Heard an interesting point on ESPN this morning, whomever it was, said if he were catching that ball on the sideline, toe tapping, and going out of bounds, it’s a catch. He clearly had the ball long enough to be a catch imo.

    Rules vary for when a catch is a catch.
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  13. Welp I guess we are going to have fire Cumbie so we can save this conference from impending doom. Apparently nobody else want to do it
  14. Tom Herman is a scheissing idiot.
  15. scheiss Tom Herman.
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  16. Missed two late hits in a row

    awful officiating
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  17. I have literally NEVER seen intentional grounding called on a play where the receiver broke off a long route and the pass was overthrown.
  18. Texas getting all the calls right now.
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  19. I think Oregon broke the Utes.

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