2018 Recruiting Thread

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  1. Ok cool. So in 2018 we may officially have an Orji on campus. Been waiting for that for years...
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  2. Recruits aren't the only ones who have done that
    When Jeff Mittie was hired as women basketball coach, he spoke of how excited he was to be at "TCU University"
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  3. Maybe the branding efforts are paying off?
  4. Hammered
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  5. Maybe we should be tUTC. Never mind. That stands for unbelievably tight [ $%^& ] to me.
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  7. Would be giant to land the Moore twins. Both I believe top 100 players. 1 at WR and the other is a safety.
  8. https://twitter.com/jaygreen__/status/797169287404408833
    About time we dug this thread back up.
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  9. https://twitter.com/russellhedges/status/796540430393470977
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  11. https://twitter.com/corey_bender/status/798349148894482434
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  12. https://twitter.com/slowburn99/status/799049640767275012
  13. https://twitter.com/d1__jw/status/799310479801712640

    Episcopal WR
  14. Can't believe we don't have a 2018 commit yet.
  15. anyone have any idea how many players will we take in 2018?
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  16. UT strikes again.
  17. Monster class. 25+, I'd guess 26-28.

    We lose a ton of players after 2017.
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  18. https://twitter.com/njs_era/status/799418935724609536
  19. I'll be at his game tomorrow night. Cardinal Gibbons plays his school (American Heritage) in the Regional Semifinals.

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