2018 Recruiting Thread

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  1. Wooten, Wallow, Waddle.
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  2. Uhhhhhh who?
  3. Nesta (Jade) Silvera plays of American Heritage
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  4. Fort Lauderdale? I lived there not so long ago.
  5. Waddle can really go. Would be a good fit in this offense.
  6. Yes
    My 25th year at Gibbons
  7. https://twitter.com/nofear_2/status/801848572140519424

    Edit - many believe he's the number 1 recruit in Texas for 2018.
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  9. https://twitter.com/_justinrogers/status/803039208994729984
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  11. https://twitter.com/_og_boogie/status/781966636630679553
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  13. He's a good one. VERY athletic for his size.

    His 2019 teammates Marquez Beason and Brian Williams are big time prospects there as well.
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  14. https://twitter.com/wakeemup9/status/807301087929782275
  15. Don't sleep on Major Applewhite that guy is a winner and can recruit.  
  16. https://twitter.com/jclarkhfb/status/807435615016992769
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