2018 Recruiting Thread - Part 2

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  1. It's not unheard of for HS coaches to 'black list' college coaches. We hear about it every now and then, the HS coach gets his feelings hurt for not getting enough love from a college program so he steers kids away from that program or isolates them from that program. We heard that quite a bit about Charlie Strong when he first took over UT.
  2. I do. I just haven’t decided which way yet.
  3. How many times do HS kids get “discovered” when college coaches are on campus to see other kids? Sounds like a short-sighted rule that could be hampering other kids chances.
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  4. DD555439-A91C-4FCE-BA91-F5A1FE9FB6DB.jpeg

    Note the number in the photo I attached.
  5. After seeing what Blacklock and Bethley can do as freshman, I am VERY enamored with highly rated DTs.

    I am also really excited to see if we have some youngens on the OL that can take the next step in CTs second year.
  8. All it takes is one lawsuit threat from a parent and that rule goes away quickly..
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  9. There's a thread over on 247 about this with JC and JG weighing in on the topic. There's more to this story you probably should read and it wasn't silly stuff as you referred to it as.
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  10. Yeah, if what they’re reporting is true, that’s some shady arsed stuff UT is pulling....
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  11. I'd say the NCAA should look into it, but if they can't punish Baylor, they couldn't punish these Clowns at West Lake, or wherever they're at.
  12. Coburn's entire Twitter is about UT and liking all things UT. Man, I could never be a recruiter because I'd just leave him alone and say that's fine if that's where you want to go. Next!
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  13. Z is swinging for the fence into a strong wind. But he knows that.
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  14. for those who don't know this connection
    Westfield heads into 2015 with a ton of momentum.

    The Mustangs reached the 6A Division II semifinals last fall, their third trip to the final four since 2004, and head into next season with a solid core on both sides of the ball.

    Westfield did lose its coach as Corby Meekins joined Tom Herman’s staff at UH, but should be able to handle a transition with its new head man. Matt Meekins, Corby’s brother, was promoted and named the Mustangs’ new head coach.

    The move was confirmed Wednesday by Spring ISD athletic director Willie Amendola.

    Matt Meekins was Westfield’s assistant head coach since 2012 and took the lead over the program after Corby departed in early January.

    In 11 seasons under Corby, Westfield went 114-27. The Mustangs played in the Division I-5A finals in 2004 and reached the semifinals the next year. Eight years produced at least 10 wins and Westfield claimed seven district titles.

    Next season, Westfield will return top Class of 2016 prospects Ed Oliver, a national recruit on the defensive line, wide receiver Tyrie Cleveland, a Texas A&M verbal commitment, and quarterback Dillon Sterling-Cole.

    if you don't think matt meekins isn't doing everything he can do to protect the Horns most important unsigned recruit you are crazy. won't say he is getting paid like some have referred but this is the same crap they pulled with ed oliver
  15. Has to be getting paid. Why else would he essentially cut himself off from the rest of the college football job opps?
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  16. What job opps? Matt is going to be a career hs coach and is protected at Westfield as long as Willie is the AD for Spring.
  17. Sounds like he will be now.
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    What are you talking about? He was always a career high school guy. He got the Westfield job because of his brother.

    Take a look at Meekins' twitter account and tell me which school has a former player of his playing, starting part of this year and has no mention whatsoever on his twitter feed.

  19. I'm not sure what you're arguing.

    He a buddy of yours? Seem a little defensive about the guy.

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