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2017 TCU Football Season Ticket Renewals

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by atofrog, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Yep. I figured as much. You didn't go to TCU. You've only had tickets for two years. You literally have no darning clue, which explains why YOU are the one that continues to miss the main points.

    BTW, I'm extremely fiscally conservative, and very pro-capitalism, so your .gif is very off base.

    I'm sick of wasting my time trying to explain basic concepts to you. You're clearly incapable of comprehending them. But I'll break this down for you one last time:
    • Money Talks. People that cough up the most money, deserve the best seats. I've never once argued against this basic truth. This concept is not the problem.
    • The problem is that TCU has put in place a system that incentivizes and encourages hoarding tickets to the ultimate degree. Our top donors should AND do have access to the very best seats. In a perfect world, our top tier donors should occupy our top tier seats (i.e. west side lower bowl, suites, and club seats). After that, our second tier donors/fans should be occupying our next tier of seats (i.e. chair back east side seats and chair back seats in the 300s), then the next best seats should go to our next best donors/ fans, etc, etc. Ultimately REAL TCU FANS/SEASON TICKET HOLDERS should be sitting in our best seats, providing the BEST possible atmosphere for our team.
    • Unfortunately this doesn't happen. Our top tier donors/fans control our top tier AND second tier seats. Our second tier seats are occupied by opposing fans that buy these seats on stub hub, while our second tier fans sit in third tier seats. THAT is our problem. Our real fans aren't occupying our best seats.
    • Not only do our fans suffer, but our team suffers too.
    SO CUT THE SHIP. Especially the ship trying to imply I'm some some socialist bernie sanders advocate.

    With all of that said, thanks for your support though. TCU needs non alumni, like you, buying tickets and giving money.
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    You are insufferable when it comes to this topic. Shocking that you have a finance degree and can't figure any of this out yourself without coming off like an emotional witch.

    Despite your having better seats now than people who have donated 20X to 30X more than you have, you'll keep banging your meaningless drum. Why don't you give your seats up to the downtrodden masses that you champion if you care that much.
  3. Bernie Sanders on April 20, 2017:

    Mr. TCU on April 26, 2017:
    How many tickets to TCU's largest donors need? Give us a break. You can't have it all.
  4. Interesting choice to link. I'd guess 75% of the country is Bernie Sanders in that regards. Quite possibly the worst tax cut "plan" of all time
  5. This is no different than any other big-time collegiate sports program.

    At UT, the biggest donors have the best seats, and they have a lot of them. What do they do with the seats they aren't personally sitting in? They give them to clients. They give them to employees. They sell them on the open market.

    Guess what. Most of the people who receive those tickets are UT fans (or at a minimum dress the part when they go to the game).

    The problem at TCU is dynamic. We have a lot of big-money, deep pocket donors...just like UT et al. However, we don't have the same proportion of casual / t-shirt fans. Truth be told, we probably need a stadium that seats 30K-35K instead of one that seats 45K-50K. That extra capacity creates enough seats for opposing fans to gobble up the additional tickets that are sold by the big donors.

    Within the context of premium seats and access by die-hard fans, TCU's seat selection process is fine. However, the stadium capacity is not. All that said, though, true TCU fans can get the best seats if they really want them. Opposing fans are willing to spend the money...why aren't TCU fans?
  6. How many houses does Bernie need? Stick a sock in it old man.
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  7. There are many challenges with the current ticket program, some of them unique to small private schools. You're correct in that the size of the fan base is one of the bigger issues. Couple that with a lousy season like last year and opposing colors become more noticeable. Losing drives fans away, winning solves most of the problems when those t-shirt fans come back wearing purple.
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  8. Upgrading today... can anyone give me some insight on how much shade the south endzone gets?

    Moving from East upper deck and the sun/heat is the biggest thing I want to escape. The view wouldn't be great, so NEZ may be an option if still available, but I think the noise from the speakers might be a little much.

    I also like that I'd be able to get in/out easily from SEZ.

    Anyone have any advice on shade/view/experience?

    I pick at 1:14pm!
  9. Not much shade outside of the top few rows in SEZ but west side better than east side. I have sat there for a numbe of years. View isn't great when play is on far side of field but it's awesome when it's close. I like the corner of the west side. Sat there most games. Higher up better than lower.
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  10. For 11 am games, most of the south endzone is in the shade at the start of the game. By the second half, only the upper rows are in the shade. Reverse that for 6 pm games.
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  11. Thanks! Does the west side of nez upper deck get any relief from the sun?
  12. I am in section 221, and it gets better late afternoon, early evening.
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  13. Thanks again, y'all. Much more helpful than Bernie bashing.
  14. If you pick the NEZ, be sure to wear ear protection - we were there and used shooting range ear buds, worked well. The view was pretty good up top.
  15. If you watch the extra points, you can get a decent idea about shade in the end zones.

    11:00 game on Sep. 17, 2016:

    4:00 game on Oct. 1, 2016:
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  16. This is what I went with -- Section 136 Row T

    Hopefully there'll be a little bit of shade (3rd row from the top), but if not, at least it'll be really easy to get in/out of them and get to the concourse.

    Thanks again for the tip, I think I'm going to like them!
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  17. Pretty sure Bob was just poking fun of maniac after maniac freaked about being compared to Bernie.
  18. [​IMG]
  19. Apples........Oranges
  20. Im in 136 row q

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