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2017 Baseball Season Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. Odds?

    Houston Regional

    #1 UH
    #2 UT
    #3 Ag
    #4 TX Southern
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  2. Ill pull for TX Southern.
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  3. That'd be a hell of a regional
  4. I'd root for an early season hurricane to come up the ship channel
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  5. Rice just beat SouthermN Miss and are in the tourney
    Bad for another bubble team
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  6. Rice walks off S Miss in B9 and Ags pucker. New regional???

    Houston Region

    TX Southern
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  7. EDIT: Ag working the concession stands.
  8. Ok State wins the 7th bid for Big XII and bubble teams are in.

    Aggies are in serious trouble with Xavier, Rice, Ok State winning today and MVC champion taking a spot. DBU winning that game 6-3 in top of 7th
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  9. Don't think one aggy is following today's activity. I don't follow that closely and it is apparent that basically everything that could go wrong for them did today. Most over there are chanting SEC SEC SEC and arguing between 2nd seed somewhere or 3rd seed somewhere else. Maybe so but I just don't see the slot.
  10. Regional sites should be announced tonight. So we can all flip out predicting our possible super pairings. National seeds and bracket at 11 am Monday ESPN2.
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  11. Of they're following it. Many trying to rationalize why they should be in and Auburn out and stuff like that.
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    Have we discussed the $20 headed maniac'a way from GSR?
  13. I don't remember it...but, let's.
  14. I think they're safe but admittedly haven't been following it that closely. Seems like teams like Ole Miss and So Car have more to worry about than them. Maybe none of them get in, who knows?
  15. Reminder as host announcement comes up -- if consistent with the past, they announce alphabetically by city. I believe there are really only 17 contenders:

    Baton Rouge / LSU
    Chapel Hill / UNC
    Charlottesville / Virginia
    Clemson / Clemson
    Corvallis / OSU
    Fayetteville / Arkansas
    Fort Worth / TCU
    Gainesville / Florida
    Hattiesburg / Southern Miss
    Houston / Houston
    Lexington / Kentucky
    Long Beach / Long Beach St
    Louisville / Louisville
    Lubbock / Tech
    Stanford / Stanford
    Tallahassee / Florida State
    Winston-Salem / Wake Forest

    The last spot probably comes down to a race between Clemson, FSU, WFU and UH - with 3 of 4 getting to host (which should protect UH).
  16. I'm thinking the Frogs get either #6 or #8 seed. I know this hasn't mattered as much in the past but I don't think the Committee will intentionally pit a #8 Stanford against a #1 Oregon State in the first round in Omaha should they both advance. I know that we got Tech last year but only Tech was the national seed while we grabbed A&M's slot.

    LSU hopped Tech in RPI to get the 4th slot. I think a first round match-up between Tech and LSU could be a barn burner but so much would have to happen to get them there.
  17. Make the check payable to Mrs. Maniac. Save some time.
  18. But George Frazier said the Austin is going to host.
  19. DBU wins the Missouri Valley Tournament, so we will probably see them in FW next weekend.

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