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2017 Baseball Season Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. You assume intelligence for them, and foresightedness...wrong.

    No offense intended.
  2. Didn't say it was hard to do. Should be easy to do. But historically they've tried to keep #2's close to home and send #3's farther away. Another reason why I dislike the whole regionalization thing. Seed them hard 1-16 and then more loosely but carefully 17-32 and start placing. It isn't like it was in 1980. Teams travel.
  3. Just looked at what they did by way of projection for Kentucky....nasty. Put a pissed off Virginia team in their regional as a #2 and paired them with their big brother Louisville for a Super. That's a filthy deal for Kentucky if it happens.
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    While we all wait for the bracket tomorrow, who follows recruiting and the draft?

    In 2018, Frogs need to replace the following starters:
    C (Skoug probably gone/draft)
    2B (Warner graduated)
    SS (Merrill and Hesse graduated)
    3B (Barzilli graduated)
    CF (Brown graduated, Williams graduated)
    Howard/Traver (Janczak is draft eligible, too, IIRC)

    Humphreys looking like the next man behind the plate
    Wade probably slides to CF / Ingraham to RF? Or CW in RF with ML sharing 1st with Baker?
    No clue where we are with the infielders. Franson at 3b?
    Looks like we have several freshman inf coming in - https://www.perfectgame.org/Rankings/Recruiting/CollegeCommits.aspx?ID=1742&g=2017
    Does Shane Baz project as a starter? Looks like he will probably end up in FW, though it may be a close call -- he wants college but could be drafted pretty high http://www.minorleagueball.com/2017/2/23/14697056/shane-baz-scouting-report-2017-mlb-draft
  5. Need infielders badly.... and for either King or Eissler to figure it out
  6. Need pitchers badly and if they can't pitch move them to the infield
  7. I suspect that our lineup next year will include some players we haven't even heard about yet from the juco ranks Also, we'll have to grab another catcher even if Humphreys is the man behind the plate. As for CW in RF....only if he is forced to catch 400 fly balls a day from a right handed batter and 500 a day from a left-handed batter. Personally, I don't think he has anywhere near the arm needed to play RF.
  8. Rain chances next week for FTW

    80% on Thursday
    60% Friday through Sunday
    50% on Monday

    Get those TCU groundskeepers some extra feed.....may need it.
  9. Swimmerbabe posting over on Texags

    "Baseball America has yall headed to Clemson."

    Noted with interest the use of the word "y'all"....perhaps she doesn't identify as closely with Ag as some have suspected.
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  10. Probably because they aren't as good this year.
  11. Just re-watched Curry's slam and Thor's HR in CWS

    Maybe the best two clutch homer's at CWS…in my opinion of course

  12. Should have known that wasn't going to happen since George Frazier kept saying WVU would end up at Virginia's regional.
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  13. Saw Russell Smith pitch at Midlothian. He was good.

    Don't forget there is a shortstop Adam Oviedo coming in from Alvarado.
  14. Warren Morris was pretty clutch.

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    National Seed /// Regional Pair

    #1 Oregon St /// Clemson
    #2 UNC /// Houston
    #3 LSU /// Southern Miss
    #4 Tech /// Florida State
    #5 Florida /// Wake Forest
    #6 TCU /// Arkansas
    #7 Louisville /// Kentucky
    #8 Stanford /// Long Beach

    Fort Worth Regional:
    # (1) TCU
    (2) Arizona
    (3) DBU
    (4) Marist

    Paired with Arkansas Regional:
    (1) Arkansas
    (2) Missouri State
    (3) Oklahoma State
    (4) Oral Roberts

    Other Notables:
    D1 doesn't have A&M, South Carolina or Miami in the field.
    OU a 2-seed at Clemson in a very winnable regional
    WVU a 2-seed at UNC regional
    Houston Regional is (1) UH, (2) UT, (3) Rice, (4) TX Southern
    Tech gets (2) NC State, (3) BYU, (4) Holy Cross - screwed if BYU insists on starting early
    Baylor a 2-seed at LBSU
    That's 2 1-seeds, 4 3-seeds and 1 3-seed for the Big 12
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  16. Liked for leaving TAMU out.
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  17. Checked back in to see what yall were saying and this is what I see.

    Never change killerfrogs, never change.
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  18. He was defending you. Your voice is missed here.
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  19. [​IMG]
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  20. I was saying that with a chuckle/ruefulness

    This season has been...complicated. mostly following via twitter. Can't keep getting mad at the app/my tv has been mostly uncooperative among working later and many other variables :/

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