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    General Bowl Games Conversation

    Gotta appreciate Boykin being the one to start the opt out trend
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    Am I The Only One To Know or The Last One To Know….

    I wish GP the best of luck where ever he goes, he deserves to win at least one national championship before he hangs up the visor.
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    GoFrogs: TCU Head Football Coach Sonny Dykes announced the signing of nine student-athletes on Wednesday

    I really like these names, completely pointless but I really like the names
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    If *

    If TCU pulls off a miracle and wins at Iowa State. Which bowl game do we get sent to? I’m feeling like we are in for a surprise tomorrow.
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    2021-2022 TCU Baseball Thread

    When do season tickets go on sale ?
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    Thank You Gary Signs

    Went and bought three today
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    Interesting piece in the Athletic this week

    they opened Pandoras Box with TIL, we are now in an era with no salary cap, generously one year contracts, and unlimited free agency. Why should they even keep the 4 years of eligibility rule? If they make more money with 5/6 years of eligibility who can stop it ?
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    TCU NIL information/data….

    We are entering an era of college sports which will be the equivalent of professional sports with no salary cap and one year contracts with extremely loose free agency. Players are going to have to decide if they want to play or get paid and some schools will have large enough budgets to buy...
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    Just had a horrible thought

    I don’t care whether we go down to D3, I plan on sitting in the south end zone every season until I die
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    Golf Cart Shuttle Request

    I want to start by saying I think TCU does a solid job making the Carter accessible for our senior frog fans. I have a request for a possible improvement. Would it be possible for TCU to have a golf cart run between the buses and the entrances to protect our seniors. Many of our seniors...
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    Gameday Thread: TCU vs Mountaineers (Early Edition)

    Blame is on the offense here. 3 turnovers and no points, can’t blame Gary. Defense shut it down in the second half
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    KillerFrogs' HUGE Announcement!!!

    Good, now I can abandon the rest of my social medias
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    Thank You TCU Students and Fans

    It’s an older code sir