Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

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  1. Yo. It's Yo. Don't disparage this fine young man's music.
  2. Anyone watching the Elite 11 series on NFL network? Just watched ep 1. A few quick clips of JR. Hopefully they show more of him
  3. Phail. I'll repost on an actual compuer.
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  4. Must have caused a fumble or intercepted a pass.
  5. I read this and heard Forest Gump' s voice.
  6. Haha. There's this black guy they have on the Ticket every now and then who goes by Computer. He's the biggest Cowboys Homer and frontrunner. Anyway, when he says his name he leaves out the "t"...hence, compuer.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. and my personal favorite:

  9. I had a nice follow up to a Bob comment today with the fat kid laughing gif. Timing was perfect as Bobs post was both shocking and aggressive. Further, it made it through the filter. Was expecting a few likes out of it, but it got scrubbed by the mods because I quoted it. Mods win again.
  10. RIP Frank Vincent, Dead at 78

    Goodfellas, Sopranos, Casino to name a few.
  11. Go get your darning shinebox!
  12. I've heard dying wildlife that sounded more pleasant that that dude's voice. The chick was hot though.
  13. Safe to assume your post got deleted but Bob's didn't like usual?
  14. I think we both got the axe.
  15. Bob needs to be on mod approval.
  16. What thread and what did he do this time?
  17. Just in general. Replying to whatever Netty's talking about.
  18. Don't remember the thread now, but there was a lashing out and another poster was referred to as something that rhymes with rocktucker.
  19. He was like 19 when he made that. The guy sucks so hard.
  20. Every time someone censors their cursing this way, I think about the Maronie character from Johnny Dangerously.
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