Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

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  1. what about Rusty Wier?
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  2. You seem to have accidentally left off Florida Georgia Line.
  3. It appears KFC is now showing a bunch more threads on the forum main page. Very welcomed change. With football season starting, Top's daily TCU news dump was kicking active threads down to page 2 every morning. I'm just way too lazy to go clicking on "next page" buttons.
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  4. And Apalachee Dan

  5. Really good list. I personlly like Cody Johnson but I liked him 5 years ago before he got big. His new stuff doesn't sound like anything he used to make so I can understand why some don't like him. He does put on a good show though even though his album right now is pretty slow
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  6. Punter1 suggested that, thank him.
  7. It's much better than Narcos
  8. Try and catch Kody West. Denton boy, plays smaller venues, but getting more popular. Just played at a venue in Nashville. Has played Greene Hall a few times. Just released his first cd, called Green, it's available on a number places online. Son of a good friend of mine.
  9. Heard so many good things about The Wire but couldn't get past the first couple of episodes. Same with Peaky Blinders. Just gonna have to make myself do it at some point.

    As for Narcos, I'll watch season 3 but don't hold out much hope. There were 2 characters I found fascinating. One is now dead and the other (the hispanic DEA agent) is played by an actor whose movie career started to take off, so even if he's not phoning it in, he won't be around for season 4.
  10. Season 3 is the darning Brilesboobs....
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  11. Rusty is dead. And coincidently my Father in law used to play drums in his band...but Rusty is a legend for sure.
  12. I have heard of most of those groups you all listed, but i've never listened to any.

    Not into Red Dirt, not really into country or its sub genres.
  13. I didn't know Season 3 was out. F! there goes my work week.
  14. I'll go one step further, ol roomie.

    Anything described as "country" produced post let's say 1988 is pure garbage. I would vastly prefer throwing up a terrible meal and eating it again, than to have to listen to a marathon of modern country. That's not hyperbole.

    I can count on one hand the exceptions I have to this rule. Now, play classic country and we've got a party.
  15. Modern Country is awful IMO....Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Fla/Ga Line, etc.

    Texas Country on the other hand is totally different. Give Whiskey Myers, Turnpike and Randy Rogers a listen and I'll all but guarantee you'll eventually be a big fan of the entire Texas Music Scene.
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  16. I think you have a good point, and I am willing to carve out an exception for Texas country artists who started out just writing songs on a beat up acoustic.
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  17. But Luke Bryan says "truck" within the first minute of every song so he has to be good.
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  18. It happened in the Ty Summers thread, of all things. Short discussion about needing more threads on the first page and TxFrog1999 took it for action, and Boom.
  19. I will watch Ken Burns' Country Music series.
  20. Had no idea he was doing one???

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