Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

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  1. I didn't know Season 3 was out. F! there goes my work week.
  2. I'll go one step further, ol roomie.

    Anything described as "country" produced post let's say 1988 is pure garbage. I would vastly prefer throwing up a terrible meal and eating it again, than to have to listen to a marathon of modern country. That's not hyperbole.

    I can count on one hand the exceptions I have to this rule. Now, play classic country and we've got a party.
  3. Modern Country is awful IMO....Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Fla/Ga Line, etc.

    Texas Country on the other hand is totally different. Give Whiskey Myers, Turnpike and Randy Rogers a listen and I'll all but guarantee you'll eventually be a big fan of the entire Texas Music Scene.
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  4. I think you have a good point, and I am willing to carve out an exception for Texas country artists who started out just writing songs on a beat up acoustic.
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  5. But Luke Bryan says "truck" within the first minute of every song so he has to be good.
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  6. It happened in the Ty Summers thread, of all things. Short discussion about needing more threads on the first page and TxFrog1999 took it for action, and Boom.
  7. I will watch Ken Burns' Country Music series.
  8. Had no idea he was doing one???
  9. Would make an excellent playlist for a tailgate . . .
  10. I cannot wait for it, but will probably change the channel once they reach the late 90s. I wasn't smart enough to trust my instincts when "Indian Outlaw" hit it big, so I hung on for another few years, bouyed mostly by George Strait, Alan Jackson, The Dixie Chicks and that Wade Hayes album I got way into for some reason. But by the time "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" charted and dominated North Side (even heard it at Pearl's, for crying out loud), I knew I was done for a while.

    I will say, though, that Zac Brown is pulling me back in a little, but I can't deal with the red dirt stuff.
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  11. I had forgotten about that guy.

    Holy crap.
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    Holy [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] the startlegram is going all in on the vox/buzzfeed click bait headline style. Every headline over there following the "here's what" pattern. What a joke.
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  13. You're welcome.
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  15. I'm still trying to figure 2 tone hair girl behind him.
  16. Yep, I knew he was dead. I used to party a little with him back in the day. And I knew his "old lady." The one in the song about "I hear you've been..."
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  17. this HTML class. Value is
  18. Well thought out post. Thank you for sharing.
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  19. How can I subscribe to your newsletter?
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