Has anyone heard this story re: CVB?

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  1. So I heard from a TCU employee yesterday (a relative of mine) that CVB apparently got serious about putting an end to alcohol on campus. So much so, he sent a memo to TCU staff telling them that if they are at a restaurant or bar, and they are drinking alcohol and see a student walk in, they are to cease drinking alcohol (or leave the establishment).

    Seriously? How in the hell would a TCU employee know if a student walks in?

    After hearing this - and the media production from this week - I'm starting to think we have a VERY paranoid chancellor.
  2. Get now we are ACU.
  3. 1st sentence is true. No idea about the rest of it, but I do know that things have been getting stricter in the last 2-3 years.
  4. Is this why they won't let us tailgate earlier?! Boooo!!

    I hope it wasn't the daughter I am thinking of. Kid had her head on straight when she was in HS. She would work in my program and seemed very unlike the other kids around her at the time.
  5. Nope, tailgate ban happened first. Could be why we haven't been able to get them back though.
  6. Have we come to this, that we now will identify the Chancellor's daughter as a drunk? With discussions like this going on here, our enemies don't need to exploit this story. We are doing it for them.
  7. If the Chancellor is going all Carrie Nation on us, it helps to have a little background.

  8. Can you get weed poisoning?
  9. Hell, yes. It's called paraquot (doubt I spelled it right). It's that nasty biocide that's sprayed on growing hemp plants south of the border in a futile, silly attempt to cut down on the worldwide marijuana crop.
  10. i wouldnt worry about that, anybody exploiting someone with an drug or alcohol problem is a piece of crap anyway, neither is a laughing manner, im sure some of these kids are under extreme pressure but it seems that tcu is doing something positive about it!
  11. Thanks for tossing a sanity preserver. I am real disgusted with this board. The near lunatic reaction here is much more embarrassing than the drug arrests.
  12. +10000000000
  13. Not true. No memo, no e-mail.
  14. You know, I gotta say, I didn't even think of it that way. I was just repeating the story. I didn't think I was throwing anyone under the bus. Never crossed my mind.

    My original post has been edited. My apologies.

    (Of course, now the replies have the original post in it. Moderators, if you want to delete thread, go ahead. My bad...wasn't thinking after a 15 hour day at work).

  15. Is true. Saw it with my own eyes.
  16. So you get sick from the crap the people spray on it to kill it? You think we'd have people trying to kill if it they were making huge margins and the tax dollars were rolling in?

    No. So again, can you get weed poisoning?
  17. im sure if its laced with something, but if its natural weed i dont think you can od on it, the worst id ever get back in the day was a serious lazy crazy eye
  18. if you saw it you dont have to be apologize about it, its not that bad of a memo, it was a bit of overreaction but who can blame him, any father would feel like he did

  19. I was apologizing for mentioning his daughter. Wasn't necessary to add that part - and certainly wasn't in the memo. It was just something that was fairly well known on campus at the time.
  20. You're exactly right. And that's funny.

    See, the topic of weed has cured roddog of whatever it is that forces him to annoy us so much. Legalize it.

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