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YouTube TV and FSSW

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by SuperTFrog, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. Forgive me if there is an answer already posted but I didn’t see anything posted recently on the topic. I have YouTube TV and they don’t have FSSW. What are y’all doing to get that?

    The only reason I want it is to watch the MAVS (and for college football during the fall).

    I switched from DirecTV to YouTube TV about a year ago and it cut my bill in half, but this is pissing me off.

    any suggestions?
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    Contact Sinclair (who bought the FSNs) and tell them to stop demanding we pay them more money. Other than that, our options at this point are limited to dealing with it or switching services. Given that Sinclair is in a pissing match with just about every TV provider, the options seem to be AT&T (uVerse, DirecTV or ATT Now) or Spectrum. Fox could always get rate hikes from providers by threatening to pull Fox News; Sinclair has no such leverage.

    Yes, it's a bummer not having Mavs and Stars games that aren't national games, but I am done paying more money for inferior products. Sinclair can go jump in a lake.
  3. ATT Now stopped taking new customers as of Jan 14.

    YTTV has added the NBA League Pass or something as of the other day. You can pretty much watch every game. If you click on a Mars game it shows coverage for about a second and then goes to a screen that says it's blocked in our area. But hey...at least they added QVC.
  4. My F-i-L still has UVerse so I downloaded the FoxSportsGo app on my Rokus and FireSticks and use his login credentials to watch Mavs and Stars (and eventually Rangers). I read a couple weeks ago (maybe here) that Sinclair is preparing to launch a Fox Sports streaming service at the end of the year so apparently that's affecting their availability on streaming services. Even Fubo, the streaming service that had every sports channel on planet earth, doesn't have the Fox regionals anymore. It's a really rotten business strategy IMO.

    I've complained to the Mavs and Stars organizations rather than send hate mail to Sinclair. Seems to me like this power play by Sinclair is limiting the reach of those organizations and potentially going to have some longer term deleterious impacts on merchandise revenue. Every game on TV is an opportunity to market the brand and Sinclair has severely impacted that formerly ubiquitous exposure. I doubt it goes anywhere, but my hope is that they'll find a way out of those deals and back into the homes of FW/D sports fans.
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  5. This. Were I one of those teams, I'd be screaming my lungs out! How the hell can we sell things, generate interest, get people to games, if nobody can see us?!? I can't imagine there was a clause in their carriage contract language that says, "Oh, and we can withhold your games if we feel like extorting bigger carriers." IMHO, the Mavs and Stars are being harmed by their Broadcast Partner, who is using them to enrich himself at their expense. They gain nothing from this.

    Truly bewildering.
  6. Been considering a switch from DirecTv but guess I’ll wait a little longer now.
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  7. It hasn't come back to Hulu+Live either. At least last I checked. Glad TCU is all ESPN now.
  8. Sinclair announced that all of the fox sports RSN will be rebranded as Bally. So FSSW will now be Bally Southwest.

    I heard a podcast recently talking about Sinclair watching a streaming model like ESPN+, with the Bally brand for all of their RSN. It will enable live betting within the app. Would be very interesting and the biggest movement toward sports gambling integration that is all the rage in the UK and other parts of Europe.

  9. I looked at switching from YTTV a few weeks ago before hockey season started and NONE of the streaming services has a Fox Sports regional network. I was all ready to switch to Fubo last week before the Stars finally played their first game knowing they would have it and was stunned when they also didn't offer it anymore. This news about the Bally rebranding is what I read at that time and it implied there may be some sort of strategic reason Sinclair is withholding these RSNs from streaming services viewing them more as competition now than potential customers. I didn't fully understand that rationale, but I wasn't particularly concerned with wrapping my head around it fully. I was singularly focused on being prepared to watch the Stars the next day.
  10. 1. FSSW has little to no TCU content going forward, keep that in mind. Only exception would be odd road non-conference basketball, or an occasional OU road game

    2. If I had to guess, Sinclair will sign with YTTV and FSSW will go into the Sports Package add on by region. If you are in DFW approximately, you will get it with the sports package.
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  11. That actually makes sense. Get all the streaming providers (and eventually all of the cable/sat ones as well) to drop the channel and then come back with their own stand-alone streaming service.
  12. Wait, youtube tv no longer has FSSW?
    Well, time to end my subscription.
  13. Maybe on the surface, but if you run people an entire year without their favorite teams how likely are you to piss off a ton of potential customers? Seems like a really bad strategy that would kill demand for the product they're planning to launch.
  14. Should have qualified my statement that it makes sense as to why Sinclair is getting into pissing matches with every TV provider and seem in no interest to strike a deal to a) get paid and b) get the product back out so their AD partners stay happy.

    You are right. It makes no sense, from a customer standpoint, to piss off the exact people who you want to then shell out more money for your product. I like watching the Mavs, Stars, and Rangers. That said, I will never give Sinclair a dime if that is their endgame.
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  15. Guess I missed the news for #1 above... why isn’t tcu on fssw with big 12 conference games?
  16. Because of the Big 12 contract is with ESPN and Fox sports exclusively. Fox sports does not own FSSW anymore which was sold to sinclair media.
  17. Get the Kodi app and a good VPN.
  18. DD SR passed in April. So I cut off DirecTV at the folk's the other day. 45 minutes of HELL on the phone with ATT person in Manila or some offshore location. I finally got it cut off then they said I owed $260. WHAT? I was not under a contract and had DirecTV at DD SR's for 22+ years. Can you say loyal customer? ATT can shove it as far as I'm concerned. They ruined DIRECTV!

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  19. I got first STARS game Friday night by connecting MacBookPRO to ESPN+ via ExpressVPN and connecting as if I was in NYC. ESPN+ was carrying the FoxSportsSW broadcast. Connected MacBookPro to 65" Samsung via HDMI cable. Worked great!

    If ESPN+ would carry all STARS game, this would solve my FoxSportsSW issue.

    ExpressVPN is great! Check it out at expressvpn.com
  20. I had a similarly excruciating experience, although the girl I was dealing with was in Malaysia and was quite pleasant in repeatedly taking "No." for an answer. "We are so sorry you are leaving our family!"

    "Family"?!? Yeesh...
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