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Wilder-Fury II

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by FBallFan123, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. Fight of this magnitude deserves it's own thread.

  2. That little shoving match shows the difference in strength between the two, even with Wilder saying he's coming in heavier...(Fury says the same thing).

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  3. Hoping Fury puts an end to Wilder.
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  4. More hype, as if this fight needed it...

  5. It’s quite something that Wilder's gotten as far as he has given all his limitations.

    Speaks to a weak division, careful match-making and a good right hand.
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  6. Literally never heard of either one of these guys until yesterday. Saw a show called “Tyson Fury” on TV yesterday and initially thought it was a documentary on Mike Tyson. Once I realized it wasn’t I changed the channel.
  7. It’s arguably the biggest heavyweight fight since Lennox Lewis-Mike Tyson in 2002.

    It’s a joint pay per view between FOX and ESPN, so both have gone all out building the hype for it.

    It certainly feels like the biggest heavyweight fight in many years.
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  8. Looks like you are the only one on here who feels that way. I don't see anyone else showing any interest.
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    Fair enough.

    ABC/ESPN and FOX/FS1 are certainly covering it like it’s the biggest heavyweight fight in a long time.

    They can count up all the pay per view sales and gate receipts later and put it in its proper context ... but it’s getting covered like a major event:

  10. so if you and i went into business together and we also owned very large media outlets whose business it was to cover our industry and we would profit based upon the number of "customers" we attracted wouldn't it only be a smart business model to have the people who already work for us use the platforms we own to hype our newest business venture?
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    So why don’t media outlets always spend this much time promoting boxing events?

    Media outlets don’t get involved unless it makes sense financially.

    And a joint pay per view between two media outlets has to make sense for both.

    There’s a reason they don’t usually work together ... and why so few fights happen between PBC (FOX) and Top Rank (ABC/ESPN).

    There was a similar barrier back when Lennox Lewis (HBO) and Mike Tyson (SHO) fought ... which also ended up being a joint PPV.
  12. It’s a huge fight. Anyone who follows combat sports knows about it and is looking forward to it. I think the challenge is boxing has taken such a back seat to MMA, that only the mega fights get this type of publicity behind them, as fballfan123 stated.

    Despite the drop off of boxing, there still seems to be a ton of money in it for those select few fighters.

    And now there are so few of these fighters that draw, the rematch and trilogies are the only way they can seem to capitalize. If you can be one of those, you’ll have stacks of cash.
  13. traditional content is struggling with ratings and the media outlets are looking for new avenues and lets not forget that espn has committed $100M to fury over 5 fights.

    espn has overpaid for team sport content and blown money on programming decisions and they need to make the mouse happy.

    i guess that means bringing fox into the mix to drive up the attention, but i don't find this a compelling fight with the way i found some of the tyson fights in the heavy weight division or the great fights with leonard, hagler, hearns, etc...

    i keep waiting for steve austin to suddenly appear with a folding chair with this one and the more the media keeps telling me this is a big fight the less appealing it gets to me.

    maybe i am too old to understand the need for hype me, but experience has told me that you don't have to overly sell great events and i watch a number of such "big events" with the sound off so maybe i am too damn old for the sporting world anymore
  14. My buddy who is a huge boxing fan said this is the most hyped heavyweight fight since Ali-Frazier. It’s ok to not follow boxing and MMA but just because you don’t follow it doesn’t mean this is t a huge fight. Boxing isn’t close to what it was but yes this is a big time fight
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  15. FOX was brought in because Wilder is with Al Haymon, PBC is his project, and PBC is with FOX.

    This fight doesn’t get done without them.

    Networks and promoters being an obstacle to big fights isn’t new ... it’s one reason why boxing has fallen so much, big fights get delayed or don’t happen.

    It means something when they come together to make a fight like this.

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