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Wilder-Fury II

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by FBallFan123, Feb 19, 2020.

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    Both added weight for this one...

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  2. This is a total circus
  3. Wilders entrance was amazing.

    His fighting thus far....not as much. But still, he's only ever one punch away...
  4. Wilder already looks tired and is getting kinda dominated. Dude just can’t box but what a right hand.
  5. Done, and not even close. Just has one punch. So overrated.
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  6. Sort of an anti-climatic ending, but Wilder's corner did the right thing. Couple of brave men.

    Edit: Fury can fight, but I hope he never has to make a living with his singing voice.
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  7. Need to tighten up heavyweight weight class. Shouldn’t be a 30-40-50lb weight difference between fighters.
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  8. This fight was so different from the last. Something is going to come out explaining it. No way that Fury’s camp just trained better. Wilder had nothing from the start of he fight. After the ear hole shot he clearly could not keep his balance. Real dud of a fight.
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  9. I couldn't disagree more. The beauty of the heavyweight division has always been that there's a minimum weight but no maximum. That's why it has historically been considered the pinnacle of the profession. While the fight tonight was dominated by Fury from start to finish, I could not be happier that all the hype around the match has rejuvenated interest in the division.

    And as long as Fury stays unbeaten, that interest will remain and conceivably grow. The man is simply a beast and has a personality to match his talents. When he had those "slave girls" carry him into the arena on a throne with Patsy Cline's "Crazy" blasting over the sound system, I just about lost it! Long live the Gypsy King!
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  10. Wilder was way too heavy which made him exhausted. Zero reason for him to weight in at anything over 220
  11. Also twitter blowing up about the first knockdown. If Wilder has any clue in defense he wouldn’t have got hit in the behind of the ear. Dude is a one trick pony.

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