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Why we hate TCU

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Sebastian S, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. :D

    This was before the game
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  2. Who else hates TCU?

    Texas does
    the list goes on. T C U....soon to be ranked in the top 4. Taking down other teams that join the list of haters will be Clemson and Alabama. The National Champion Horned Frogs are now hated by all except the masses that love them Frogs
  3. This is tongue in cheek, right?
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  4. Did he just say we didn’t pay our dues in working our way into the big 12? Like it was given to us?
  5. lol YUP them hillbillies went off on TCU joining the Big East and not playing a down. Also went off on Jamie Dixon saying he is a Pitt Panther forever before TCU they didn't even understand he was here before. It was hard to watch these bozos go off. Football is the only sport at TCU can't play basketball (no mention of the NIT championship) no baseball here? I believe these slapstick generals just recorded a fail.
  6. "we" don't. useless title.
  7. That’s the title of the video
  8. Toby's Business College still hates us.
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  9. It’s like the kstate mask guy but less funny
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  10. The most intelligent member of the cast was the dog. They probably hate us a lot more now that we beat their arse again. More cheese with that whining about refs?

    Of all our OOC opponents, excluding former in conference teams, Wisconsin has to hate us the most.
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  11. Yes. Nobody here seems to understand that.
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  12. So that's Sebastian S!
  13. So yeah... Those guys are annoying. Can't even make it through the first 5 minutes.
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  14. I don't know, I'm figuring Ole Miss hates us pretty good. We embarrassed those guys pretty well. We showed them what a real defense looked like. Not to mention the Ole Miss sideline reporter I gave hell to for 2 bowl games the following year...
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  15. I made it through the gauntlet somehow.
  16. it's also the title of the thread. useless title.
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  17. I'm sure now they REALLY hate us.
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  18. My OCD wouldn't let me finish the video... that hat.
  19. We need this week's version.
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  20. Damn straight!
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